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Post by KansasChaser12 on Wed Apr 29, 2020 6:01 pm

I know the schedules have not come out yet but here are my NFL Predictions
(if you want to you can make your own predictions, it does not matter how you do it) Bold: Playoff Teams, Italic means Divison Winner. Underline means Confernce Winner (will get bye weeks in playoffs).

AFC North
1. Baltimore Ravens (13-3): Offense is no match to anyone else in the AFC North, even without Marshall Yanda. Defense just got Patrick Queen from the draft to make Baltimore more dangerous.

2. Cleveland Browns (10-6): Mayfield had an off year last year. He will rise up in 2020. Mayfield, Chubb, Beckham, Njoku/Hooper are quad-threats. Defense lost a few keys but have some reliable backups.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-9): Big Ben, Connor, and Juju are an overrated triple threat. O-Line is alright. Defense has a lot of weak spots in them.

4. Cincinatti Bengals (4-12): Joe Burrow will be good with Green and Mixon. Eifert is a-gone. O-Line is the worst by far in the NFL. Defense got a few good players but the rest is kinda bad.

AFC South

1. Tennessee Titans (12-4): Should be no suprise. Tannehill will be better than he was in late 2019. Derrick Henry is a top running back heading into this year. Receiver Corp is alright. O-Line is ok too. Defense is fire with several major key players.

2. Houston Texans (8-8 :Deshan Watson returns. WR corp is trash without Nuk Hopkins. Defense should be fine with JJ Watt coming back.

3. Indy Colts (6-10): Jacob Eason will start cause Brissett is trash and nobody cares about Rivers. Marlon Mack is overrated. Jonathan Taylor will start soon enough. TY Hilton is a good WR. Defense is gonna suck even with Malik Hooker and Darius Lenoard

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14): Minshew and Fournette are the only good players. Everyone else is trash.

AFC East

1. Buffalo Bills (12-4): Josh Allen is the most underrated quaterback in the league. RB corp is amazing as always. Stefon Diggs joins an already elite reciever corp. O-Line should be improved. I feel like Clowney will go to Buffalo. If that, Buffalo will have the best defense in the league.

2. New England Patriots (9-7): No Brady, no problem. I think New England will sign Cam Newton. Regardless, they will still be good despite me hating them. Edelman and Sanu should be really good. Defense is fire.

3. New York Jets (7-8-1): Darnold is ok. LeVeon Bell will be elite. WR-TE group is not too shabby. Defense will take a step foward with Bryce Hall who will be amazing despite being in the 5th round.

4. Miami Dolphins (5-10-1): They will do better than 2019. Tua should be good but not as good as Burrow. Imporvements everywhere. Signing Byron Jones was nice. Team should not tank in 2020.

AFC West

1. Kansas City Chiefs (14-2): No weak spots. Mahomes will be healthy. WR group is the 2nd best. Amazing O-Line. Elite defense.

2. Denver Broncos (9-7): Weak AFC West, big things to come with Denver. Drew Lock should be very good. 2 pro bowl running backs. Recievers will upgrade after drafing Jerry Jeudy. Defense should be really good.

3. LA Chargers (7-9): Herbert should be ok in 2020. Eckler will downgrade without Melvin Gordon. Reciever Corps will do just fine. Kenneth Murray should be an instant hit to the defense. Cornerbacks will have Chris Harris which will be nice.

4. Las Vegas Raiders (6-10): Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota will fight for the starting spot throughout the season. Josh Jacobs will be better than ever now that he is healthy. Henry Ruggs will join an improving reciever corp. Defense might slumber a little bit but should be nice.

NFC North

1. Green Bay Packers (11-5): Drafting Jordan Love was a dumb idea. Aaron Rodgers is one of the GOAT's in the league. Rest of team will be really good. But this is a tight divison. It's gonna be wild. I know that.

2. Minnesota Vikings (9-7): Kirk Cousins is underrated. Dalvin Cook is overrated. Recivers will take a big step down without Stefon Diggs. O-Line is alright. Defense should have some playmakers

3. Chicago Bears (7-9): Mitchell Tribusky is terrible. Running backs and Recievers are underrated. Their defense should be alright unless they trade Khalil Mack or Prince Amukamara.

4. Detroit Lions (5-11): What did you expect? Stafford will be better than ever after injury. Reciever Corp is amazing. Defense will take a step foward with Jeff Okudah.

NFC South

1. Tampa Bay Buccanners (14-2) *BOLD PREDICTION*: Tom Brady will be unstoppable with the Bucs. Ronald Jones will improve after an impressive 2019. They have by far the best Reciever Corp in the NFL. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowski will be fire in 2020. An improved O-Line will give up less than 10 sacks in 2020. The defensive line will be really good. Shaq Barrett will be a DPOTY canidate after an awesome 2019 year. The secondary will take several steps foward with Antoine Winfield Jr.

2. New Orleans Saints (12-4): Brees will slumber in 2020. As well as the offense. The defense will be no match for Tampa's offense.

3. Chokelanta Atlanta Falcons (9-7): Matt Ryan will fall back and retire after 2020. Gurley will keep his stats above average in 2020. Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley will be a good reciever core. Hooper being gone means that their Tight Ends are garbage. Keanu Neal will return but this time he won't get hurt.

4. Carolina Panthers (6-10): Teddy Bridgewater will have to show that Carolina is a true contender in the future. Christan McCaffrey will be the best RB in the NFL, no question. WR's get a big boost with Robby Anderson despite losing Greg Olsen. Defense will take a big step back after losing two of its best defense players.

NFC East

1. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6): Carson Wentz is super underrated. RB-WR-TE group will be elite like most NFC teams. O-Line will be great. Defense should be amazing this year.

2. Dallas Cowboys (8-8 ): The whole team is overrated. Even with their new coach.

3. New York Giants (4-12): Danny Dimes is ok, while Saquon will be elite. WR's are going to be alright. Andrew Thomas will be a good protector for Daniel Jones. Defense is going to be bad this year.

4. Washington Redskins (3-13): QB battle will be back and forth with Alex Smith, Case Keenum, and Dwanye Haskins. RB's will not get anywhere most games because those defenses are pretty good. Recievers should be fine. Defense is going to be garbage despite having Chase Young.

NFC West

1. San Fransisco 49ers (13-3): Jimmy G will be really good. RB-WR-TE group will be elite. 49ers wont take a step back in their O-Line despite Joe Staley retiring. Defense should be better than they were 2019.

2. Arizona Cardinals (11-4-1): Kyler Murray will be a fantasy favorite in 2020. Nuk Hopkins will join an already elite reciever corp. Defense will be much much better than they were in 2019.

3. Seattle Seahwaks (10-6): Russell Wilson will have trouble winning the NFC West after what happened w/ the Cardinals. DK Metcalf will be one of the best WR's ever. Adding Greg Olsen was a good idea since the rest of the Tight Ends are ok. Defense will be great but not the same as the Legion of Boom.

4. LA Rams (8-8 ): Now, Sean Mcvay doesn't need to worry. ALL of the NFC West is packed. Jared Goff will be really good. Cam Akers will be an instant starter at running back. The recievers are going to be really good. O-Line is going to be really good as well. Defense should do pretty good.


1. Chiefs
2. Ravens
3. Bills
4. Titans
5. Browns
6. Broncos
7. Patriots


1. Buccanneers
2. 49ers
3. Packers
4. Eagles
5. Saints
6. Cardinals
7. Seahwaks

Super Bowl Prediction:

Bucs defeat Chiefs 61-58 on a game winning FG in overtime


Tom Brady will win MVP. (why not?) (5174 yards, 54 touchdowns, 8 interceptions)
The Offensive Player of the Year will go to Titans running back Derrick Henry (1848 yards, 21 touchdowns, 0 fumbles)
The Defensive Player of the Year will go to 49ers DE Nick Bosa *BOLD PREDICTION*
The Reject Rookie will go to Jordan Love (he will be traded to the Ravens after this year)
The Rookie of the Year will go to Joe Burrow (are you shocked?) (4332 yards, 31 touchdowns, 14 interceptions)
The Comeback Player of the Year will be awarded to Keanu Neal, Falcons Cornerback (119 tackles, 6 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 2 TOUCHDOWNS!!!)
Most Likely to Get Injured: Tyler Eifert
Most Likely to Get Cut Before the Season Ends: Josh Rosen
Most Likely to Get Suspended for Fighting: Vontaze Burfict, Myles Garrett, AJ Bouye *BOLD PREDICTION*
Most Likely to Shock Everyone: Jeff Okudah (126 tackles, 4 interceptions, 1 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, 1 TOUCHDOWN!!!)
Most Likely to Dissapoint: Dallas Cowboys (the whole team)
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Re: 2020 NFL Season Empty Re: Re: 2020 NFL Season

Post by KansasChaser12 on Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:38 pm

Some bonuses:
Jameis Winston goes to Chicago.
4 cornerbacks will get more than 5 interceptions in 2020.
Andy Dalton retires after being cut.
Justin Herbert, Tua, and Jow Burrow will do really good or good in 2020.
Jason Peters re-signs w/ Eagles
Buffalo will make it to the AFC Championship
Jacksonville will trade for Ravens S Tony Jefferson (Week Cool
Dallas will release Dak and Amari after 2020. (Dak to Jets, Amari to 49ers)
About 2-3 coaches will be fired (Jacksonville, Indy) (Pete Carroll retires after this year)
Chase Young will lead the NFL in sacks *BOLD PREDICTION*
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