Random TMMC Helmet Designs

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Random TMMC Helmet Designs

Post by Cynon on Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:11 pm

Got bored. Rendered driver helmets. Most of these are fairly simple since you won't really see them much. Some of them didn't look as nice on the V8 Indycar Helmet (which these were all rendered with since it was rounder) as they did on the regular one.

Most of them are blurry as hell because it's ... a really small image and it's in Poser, so yeah.


Packer Carroll:

Green Bay Packers colors??? <_<

Divina Henton:

Henton's 2011 Helmet is exactly the same minus the Volpi fox logo.


Mike Whitmore:

Fun fact: Brian Sendack's 2010 helmet was almost identical to this one only with more green.

Woody Watts:

Wait, is that a wood texture? :O Same helmet as 2010.

Scott Steudler:

Luciano Soveral:

Stan Rosenstreter:

South African pride.

Franz Redlich:

Fun fact: Both Gessler drivers had their helmet designs on their pit boards.

Alexis Rainsford:

The infamous Pink Floyd-inspired design...

Bobby Porteau:

Basically used the paintjob on his car.

Yuliya Nosova:

I think she was the first driver to get a helmet design that she used repeatedly.

Kraig Mummert:

One of my favorites.

Jacob Kard:

Don't ask me why I felt compelled to make a helmet design for a one-off driver.

Avery Holtzmann:

This one looked awesome.

Alan Hodges:

No Welsh pride here.

Ethan Everett:

Same one he had in 2010 when I was planning on making GameStop his sponsor...

Tony Durbin:

Sadly, this one got screwed up a bit. It's a flames/American flag design that looks really nice.

Zach Duff:

Admittedly I didn't make this one, I just wanted to see what it looked like when rendered.

Robert Dorian:

Another British driver, another Union Jack.

Carlos Donzelo:

Adrien Devereux:

The Haas 'techno-lightning-bolt' logo really made this one awesome.

Jacques Bouvier:

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