[PCC] More PCC Cup Designs

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[PCC] More PCC Cup Designs

Post by Magus978 on Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:45 pm

These are some more schemes for 2013. I'm sure I posted others, and if I did, they're still gonna be run. Razz

#36 - Tom Delgado (Running for Rookie of the Year honors in 2013)

Base: RAH (Modified the checkers base, took the checkers out obviously)
Template: Johan Lofgren (Original template by Brian Simpson)
Logos: Google, me (TDR logo)
Numbers: Christian Warrior Racing (NNRacing) (Font: Unhappy Birds)
Contigs: BurningThunder
Body Weight: Excessive Razz

#37 - A.J. Murphy

Base: RAH
Template: Lofgren/Simpson
Logos: Los MiniDrivers (I will be adding an A.J. Murphy MiniDriver very soon), Google, me
Numbers: Christian Warrior Racing (NNRacing) (Font: I wanna say it's the AvantGarde font, but it could also be Arial Black.)
Contigs: BurningThunder
Pace on Road Courses: Non-Existant Razz

#10 - I don't know (PT)

Base: What base? Razz
Template: Lofgren/Simpson
Logos: This car has logos?
Numbers: MasGrafx (Tommy Baldwin Racing font)
Contigs: BurningThunder
Who's Driving This Thing?: How should I know? Razz

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