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Post by Cynon on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:55 pm

Dwyer, Devereux, Nosova to the Back

Some of the top starts in the TM Master Cup series will be starting the Round of Quebec from the back of the grid. For infractions during the Round of South Carolina, Adrien Devereux, Kevin Dwyer, and Yuliya Nosova were given grid penalties for the Round of Quebec.

Devereux's grid penalty was handed out for an incident the Frenchman had with Joe Olenick, while Olenick was being lapped, and for another incident with Scott Steudler. Devereux remained unapologetic about both incidents, despite leading the championship.

"Joe [Olenick] is... we're always friendly to each other but it's pretty obvious he was dangerous. He should have been aware the leaders were coming... " Devereux stated.
"Scott [Steudler] was never going to make up his lap with half his front end missing. I don't know why he was there but I was told he was going to pull low."

Nosova's grid penalty came from a collision with Scott Steudler and Brandon Lareau. Race stewards judged that Nosova's application of the brakes was not sufficient. Nosova did not understand the penalty.

"The 39 and 92 crash deliberately and somehow it my fault... this is not good logic." Nosova responded.
"Then someone else hit me because they could not see it through my car. Someone need to fix this madness."

Changes to Regular Teams for 2016?

Reports that the TM Master Cup series may switch to a model where manufacturers have set numbers of regular entries has been discussed as a cost-cutting measure. Some teams, such as Volpi Racing Team, have been opposed to the idea, wishing to keep their designs in-house. Others, like Lenard International and Team Saar USA, have lobbied for chassis designs to be shared between teams. Regardless of the outcome, the earliest any changes could be implemented will be 2016.

An anonymous source close to TM Master Cup officials let slip an insight on the prospects for the entire field.

"Really, only Volpi, Team EFR, Wernstrom, Manticore, and Hodges-Walter can do everything all on their own." an anonymous source said.
"Tutino and Katzev are just engine customers. The Lycoias and the Lenards are almost the same under the skin, the Lynxe car is 75% of the Gessler, and Maximus is using the car the Lynxe was based on... and I doubt they'll make it to Decatur... the Saar and the Tremwell are almost the same car... the Mitchells and ALERT are dependent on each other since they have no factory support at the moment."

Speculation is that there will be at least 6 Lenards and 4 Gesslers on the grid for 2016. Figures for Calton-Morel, Volpi, and Saar were not available. Previously, the team now known as Volpi Racing Team used to run Calton-Morel cars, with which they won a championship with Alexis Rainsford at the wheel.

Effort Equals Results

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