2018 TM European Touring Car Championship

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2018 TM European Touring Car Championship

Post by Milan655 on Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:38 pm

This is my "what-if" scenario of a replacement series to the Dash Cup. In this version of the TM Canon universe, with the end of the Dash Cup and the EuroV8 Cup, organisers of the EuroV8 Cup, Italian, French and German touring car championships form the prestigious European Touring Car Championship, Europe's new highest ranking tin-top championship. Despite increased costs causing the privateer teams which made up the the majority of the previous series drop out, the move to 2 liter production based formula drew in great interest from a variety of manufacturers including FIAM, STS and Lycoia with many of the top Dash Cup drivers transitioning to the new series, the majority of which running highly professional factory-based teams.

Apologies if sponsors/teams are used incorrectly etc, the set was made mostly out of boredom and to create a championship to drive offline. Let me know if I should change anything or should you want something removed.

Ignore the windows which I haven't yet made. There are also some graphical errors which I still have to edit.

Performance-wise, the FIAM's are the fastest over a single-lap, however the car is generally very bad on tyre wear and will slip off in terms of pace late into the running. The STS generally sees the opposite, however its age over the brand-new FIAM is telling. Koswiger have produced the most balanced car, unlike the FWD FIAM and the RWD STS, the Koswiger is AWD and as such is phenomenal in terms of tyre wear and wet-weather running. Kanako also a arrive with a brand-new FWD car and across a lap can easily challenge the FIAM. Although better on tyres, Kanako have found a range of teething problems in the new car which have proved to be rather compromising in terms of a full race. Lycoia and Meprise also enter new cars, although both are expected to get up to speed at the sharp end with ease. The Nemoto and the Saar are the "odd-ones" in the bunch. Unlike their competitors, the two cars have not been produced with assistance from their relevant factories, both being produced in-house by privateers. The Nemoto has been produced by multiple-French touring car champions, BW (Bruno Wellington) Sport Competition, whilst the Saar will run at the hands of former FIAM-factory team in the EuroV8 Cup Scuderia Modena.

I'll release these for download once I have it completed. Made for GTR2 SuperTouring mod. I have also made championships for France, Italy, Benelux and Asia which will also be shared if wanted. Smile


FIAM Dealer Team (M)

FIAM EuroTeam (M)
The 74 runs a part-time schedule

Simonet Sport (I)

Not sure if Koswiger is a genuine brand in the TM-canon, but nonetheless:
Koswiger Sport (M)

Koswiger Sport Italia (M)
Again, this car runs part time in the Italian rounds and in the later rounds in attempts to steal points away from rivals. The same scenario applies to the 2 Orsini cars below.

Orsini Racing Team (I)

STS Dealer Team (M)

STS Team Great Britain (M)

STS Team Italy (I)

Q-Net Finland Racing Team (I)

Kori Bank Kanako Team (M)

Vicky's Team (I)
Assisting the Kanako team in a part-time schedule. Also from the Italian championship.

Meprise Elfe Racing (M)

Meprise Junior Team (M)

Wellington Team Nemoto (M)

JML-Sharp Racing (I)
Running from the French championship on a part-time schedule.

Lycoia Racing (M)

Scuderia Modena (M)
Despite lacking any manufacturer support, former FIAM factory team Scuderia Modena have constructed their own super-tourer using an old Saar Eagle.

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Re: 2018 TM European Touring Car Championship

Post by gwoodard41 on Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:04 pm

Looks awesome man!

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Re: 2018 TM European Touring Car Championship

Post by Cynon on Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:44 am

I would use a darker blue as the primary color on the Neste cars, but other then that I love what you have. Very Happy

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Re: 2018 TM European Touring Car Championship

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