Bruno Senna to second Williams seat

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Bruno Senna to second Williams seat

Post by pepsibottle1 on Tue Jan 17, 2012 11:27 am

Here's my two cents. I'm glad that Senna got the ride. Quite honestly, I thought he did rather admirably in the Renault this season considering it was his first real taste of a decent F1 drive. I am not a Senna fanboy by any means but I do believe that given the time to develop, Bruno will do well. The problem lies in the fact that the ever-so-demanding F1 community demands instant gratification, and it doesen't help that his last name is Senna either. He really has some big shoes to fill and everyone is going to expect him to come out of the gate a barn burner. He showed speed in the Renault and for the most part, kept it on the road. I really do believe that Bruno is in a very good spot at Williams though. Even though in the second seat, I believe that he should be able to thoughly beat Maldonado on a regular basis and although no longer the force that they were before, Williams is by no means a reject team although last year's car was very much forgettable.

Like I said though, I just feel that the pressure is on Bruno for sure this season to make miracles out of what looks to be another midfield Williams car. I tell you what, I sure would not want to be in his shoes because I would be terrified to make a damn mistake. Thankfully, he dosen't have to beat a Alonso or Vettel in the other seat. Dispatching Maldonado like I said should'nt be too difficult and that's all he should really focus on for this first year at Williams. Do that and the points will come. Hopefully Williams will give him a better package than that wretched FW33.

However, sad to see Rubens left out to dry. I would much rather see him in the seat than that rubbish Maldonado but the money talks (If you can't tell, I'm not a big Maldonado fan.)

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