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Post by Cynon on Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:49 pm

I'll make this as short as I can.

- Adult behavior is expected, nothing less.

- Spamming won't be tolerated.

- No flames or repeated personal attacks: The idea is to make this a pleasant environment to discuss NR2003 painting and modding, or just racing in general, not a schoolyard, or name-calling and rock-throwing festival.

- We will not police your language unless you violate the above rule, or if you're getting a bit too out of hand with it. In other words, we will not punish you for your language unless it gets too out of hand.

- Racism, sexism, etc. will result in a good talking to, most likely a ban. Do not think the admins are fools, because we are very capable of reading between the lines and understanding context. If you are concerned if something might violate this, let an admin know. Keep in mind that some *insert offline league here* personalities may occasionally violate said rule, but as aforementioned, context is understood, they're fictional people, not real at all. Mimicking that behavior will earn you a swift exit.

- Please do not bring drama from other forums or online leagues here. Likewise, do not bring drama from here to other forums.

- Try to stay on-topic with each thread. As is the case with any conversation, real or digital, the initial topic of conversation may change, but try to stay on-topic.

- Posting in a topic that had been dead for awhile is frowned upon but if your reason for bumping that thread is valid (like, for example, a tech support problem that is hindering you), then it will be allowed.

- Please remember that anyone who runs an offline league has a life outside this website. Some people have educations they wish to complete or families, jobs, or other commitments.

- All leagues, offline or online, must be approved by an admin, any that are not will be removed promptly. You can have an offline league about anything, even non-racing games (like a FIFA game or ... whatever.).

- All users in offline leagues must not be permanently/indefinitely banned from the forum, or you run the risk of your league magically disappearing. Most likely, though, an admin may give you a friendly reminder.

- Signatures shall not unnecessarily stretch the page, both vertically and horizontally. I don't think this is too hard to follow. If there is a user's signature that you have problems with (either content or size) inform the user or an admin.

- If you take offense to something someone does, then take it to them privately (PMs are great things), because as mentioned by ernhrtfan, adult behavior is expected. Take whatever problems you have with someone to PMs. In other words, if you decide one day that Cynon is being a dick to someone unfairly, and you don't like it, shoot him a PM saying so.

I post this thread with good intent just to avoid further mishaps.

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