[VERC] Race 5 - Karjala

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[VERC] Race 5 - Karjala

Post by Woody on Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:22 am


Jacob Jarrett, II. [27] started on the pole, but after the first two turns, Bill Wainwright [0] had gotten around him for the lead.

Surprisingly, there were no wrecks in the first two turns.

The first actual incident of the day was when Brian Travors [08] got into Matt Shimoda [18a] coming out of the hairpin turn, and Shimoda would slide off into the grass, and save the car... but he still dropped 8 positions to 19th.

Only moments later, Jacob Jarrett, while running in second position, would spin going into the esses! Josh Mertz [81a] makes an excellent move to avoid hitting Jarrett's car, and no one else in the top-10 was involved.

Jacques Boliver [03] got into the back of the 27 as Jarrett attempted to get the car going again. This resulted in moderate damage for both.

Coming to the last set of turns, Mark Nelson [577], running 5th at the time, spun, and got into Buetch Mayland [20a] a bit, but Mayland got away. No one hit Nelson, and everyone continued.

After one lap, the top 5 was as follows:
1. 0 Bill Wainwright
2. 009 Allen Johnson [-1.36]
3. 81a Josh Mertz [-2.87]
4. 67 Randall Barnett [-3.25]
5. 37 Robert Barnett [-4.48]

On lap 2, both Buetch Mayland (from 7th) and Matt Shimoda (from 19th/last) spun in the esses. Mayland washed back up on the racing surface and was hit by Cameron Taylor [149], James Fortner [38], and Mike Falls [45].

On lap 4, Jefferson Mikually [50] spins in the esses, leaving Aaron Fisher [90] with nowhere to go, and Fisher hammers the passenger side of Mikually's car, sending Mikually around a few more times, and dropping him to the bottom of the running order.

For the most part, the field stayed clean throughout the remainder of the race, and Bill Wainwright would go on to win easily at Karjala after leading all 19 laps!
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Re: [VERC] Race 5 - Karjala

Post by Alpineopossum on Fri Nov 25, 2011 12:12 pm


Top Ten For Taylor at Karjala

Cameron Taylor said that his season was "back on track" after his ninth place finish at Karjala. "It's awesome racing here with all the history this place has. I'd like to congratulate Bill [Wainwright], he drove a great race.". When a reporter asked him about the recent reports of a rather bizzare controntation he had with Dan Mackay, he said that "Dan's a great drivers, but he's pretty eccentric. I made a crack about his sponsor [Extenze] and next thing I know I get wacked with a baseball bat!" Taylor did not sustain injuries from the incident. "I think the VERC has gotten much tougher since the promotion / relegation. Before you had CJR, Harrison, and Last Row at the front but now that their joined by the Barnett brothers, Brian Travors, and Jacob Jarrett it's a dogfight at these races.

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