PCC Cup Mansfield One-Offs (#85X, #58)

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PCC Cup Mansfield One-Offs (#85X, #58)

Post by gone-sovereign on Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:32 pm

#85X - Matthew Contey

I have really been struggling for creative ideas for paint schemes lately -- I really can't take credit for the scheme on this car. Anyone here played Burnout Revenge? This car is heavily based on the Etnies Racer from that game. I already had this car painted, it was originally a car meant for GOMA's ARCA Series that I never ended up running. Was just a matter of slapping an X on the numbers and replacing/rearranging the contingencies.

I entered my namesake into Mansfield for the sake of self-parody, and since Sprite is my usual sponsor (as it has been for the past several years), this may not be the car I'll actually end up running. We'll see.

#58 - Big Bill Hell

If you're not familiar with the joke behind this car, you've either been living under a rock or just haven't been using the internet for very long. That said, this car really doesn't need much explaining.

Also, that is very clearly a Ford and you'd be foolish to think otherwise.

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