New York GP Pre-Race

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New York GP Pre-Race

Post by Ben Atkins on Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:48 am

Only Cassandra Collins and Kellan Rogers-Ashby were the title hopefuls entering the final race of the season on the streets of New York. After an emphatic battle for the win in the final Watkins Glen race, they now come into the special event nearly neck and neck in points, but before they can worry about the title fight, they have to worry about making the event...

Thankfully they both did.

Qualifying was split into three time trials and then an LCQ to decide the final 10 places on the grid.

== ROUND 1 ==

#28 Jacob Eichholtz
#83 Tom Delgado


#73 Stjepan Svetadic
#27 Kellan Rogers-Ashby


#78 Cassandra Collins
#62 Carter Fitzgerald


#61 Ryan Matthews
#20 Carla Rosinski


#16 Kurt Plissken
#88 Israel Bruce

== ROUND 2 ==


#77 Stefan Halvari
#71 Gabriel Macena


#1 Hannah Percy
#80 Ben Atkins


#29 Natalie Kendall
#17 Dieter Ziegler


#37 Tomas Prochazka
#02 Harriet Wallace

ROW 10

#72 Barney Ward
#47 Soren Kanerva

== ROUND 3 ==

ROW 11

#53 Tanya Carter
#080 Lev Azarov

ROW 12

#99 Daxter Hamlett
#63 Brianna McDonough

ROW 13

#92 Marina Pratt
#360 Reuben Vogt

ROW 14

#41 Sakura Motoko
#52 Louis Walters

ROW 15

#5 Amber Clagett
#64 Madison Peniall

== LCQ GRID ==

ROW 16

#82 Yevgeny Kuznetsov
#75 Vincenzo Fochesato

ROW 17

#8 Kosta Theodorakos
#4 Dino Venneri

ROW 18

#777 Miko Rantanen
#91 Jaan Radboud

ROW 19

#79 Grant Macintosh
#022 Perrie Forrester

ROW 20

#50 Verity Logan
#13 JP Beaufort


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Re: New York GP Pre-Race

Post by Magus978 on Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:58 am

Retiring Delgado to Hunt One Last Time From P2
In the final race weekend of his career, Tom Delgado was honored on the near-completion of an 8+ year career which saw him win in four major divisions of stock car racing. In a short ceremony, Delgado was announced as being the first inductee into the New York State Motor Racing Hall of Fame, headlining the group's class of 2016. The ceremony is set for January 30, 2016.

He still had to qualify for the New York GP, however...and he did so in compelling fashion, putting up the second fastest time in pole qualifying, only just missing out on the pole.

"I've had a dream start to the week. The respect shown by the fans, my fellow drivers, and everybody else I've run into has been nothing short of overwhelming. Hopefully I can have a dream finish to the week and go out a winner" Delgado said after pole qualifying.

A cause for concern, however, came just after the interview when Delgado had to stop on his way back to the paddock, breaking into a coughing fit. A spokesperson for Tom Delgado Racing said that Delgado had just gotten over a severe nasal drip and was still feeling the effects, and that he would be good to go for the race.

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