This may be the dumbest thing to ever happen in motorsports.

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This may be the dumbest thing to ever happen in motorsports.

Post by flyingturns89 on Sat Oct 26, 2013 10:59 am

This story begins two weeks ago at the series finale for the ARCA Truck Series, one of ARCA's feeder series. A championship battle for the ages, including teammates Danny Jackson and Chad Poorman. Both would have to fight against Levi Mansfield, the defending champion. The three drivers were separated by just 15 points, with Poorman leading the way. After qualifying bonus, the three looked like this.

Poorman Leader
Jackson -5
Mansfield -20

So the race begins. It's a fairly clean race, and Jackson not only wins the race, but takes home the title, with 1995 points. The final points standings put Poorman in second, with 1985, and Mansfield in third, at 1975. These points would be official... for a little while. Some time later, a random, unannounced inspection revealed that both Jackson and Poorman had problems with their ignitions. Jackson's rev limiter had been disabled, while Poorman's had been set to a V-8 engine, even though the team used a V-6. As a result, ARCA officials had felt that Jackson and Poorman had cheated, and penalized both of them each 100 points. The team would appeal, but lost, officially handing the 2013 ARCA Truck Series title to defending champion, Levi Mansfield.

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