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Post by Alta on Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:17 am

Since a good portion of us (Well mostly the ones on teamspeaks) have dabbed into the livestreaming phenomenon...How about we start up at a thread on here for fun.

Post your Live Stream channels. Suggest stuff for people to stream and all that other goodness. is website that is used for livestreaming video games everything from League of Legends to even NR2003.


My Twitch Channel - Where i stream stuff from NR2003 Failure to Japanese Dating Simulators (Don't ask, Stuff is weirddd)

Programs for streaming

xSplit - xSplit is the one i use personally but you might want to fork out some money for it to get the full effect. Shit tons of plugin's and sources

Open Broadcasting System Streaming Program that is freeware and easy to use from what i've seen. Can use gaming sourcing pretty easier then xSplit


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