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The AWR Thread

Post by TheMayor44 on Mon May 14, 2012 9:58 pm

The Official Thread for Everything AWR

A small, low budget team based out of the Southeastern United States, Alex Whitt Racing has spent nearly four years competing on short tracks around the Southeastern United States, with the ultimate goal of reaching the TM Master Cup Series. After years of hard work and dedication, Whitt and his small crew have put away enough earnings to build a car and enter a Master Cup race.

...on a road course. Finland.

The Car

Based on the production model, the Tuttle Tarheel is what Whitt has driven his entire racing career. Tuttle Motor Company, based in a small town near the North Carolina - Virginia border, is not a very large car company. However, it has managed to produce some fine vehicles and stay in business for many years. Its founder, "Ace" Tuttle, is the grandfather of Whitt, although he has stated that he will not provide Whitt with factory backing until he proves he can compete at a high level.

The Tarheel is capable of running at such a level, and with a turbocharged V6 the car should be able to fly down the track. But Whitt will have to gain some experience before he can truly harness all the Tarheel has to offer. And despite no manufacturer backing Tuttle has hooked Whitt up with a sponsor in Fuzzy's Bar-B-Q, a local barbecue joint. Here's a rundown of AWR and it's ten employees:

Alex Whitt: Owner/Driver
Thomas Justice: Crew Chief
Ronnie Bailey: Car Chief, Head Mechanic
Rod Hanson: Front Tire Carrier
Jim Tomlin: Front Tire Changer
Will Powell: Rear Tire Changer
Lane Carlton: Jack Man
Brian Frank: Rear Tire Carrier
Sam Turner: Gas Man
Curtis Martin: Catch Can Man/Mechanic
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