Arena: Steelback Stadium

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Arena: Steelback Stadium

Post by Cynon on Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:16 pm

The first of three tracks that I created as part of an experiment to see how I could make three tracks that are very different from each other despite having nearly identical geometry. This track is the baseline for the other two. This track supports a full field of 47 cars. The pit stalls are staggered, with pit stall 0 followed by pit stall 23, then pit stall 1, stall 24, stall 2, stall 25, going all the way back to stalls 20, 43, 21, 44, 22, 45, and stall 46 at the back.  

Steelback Stadium is set in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, which is just outside Pittsburgh. There is an equal amount of grip on the inside and on the outside. Some of the track sponsors are companies that are local to the area. Cloudy weather isn't as dark as it is on most NR tracks.

Special thanks to Project Short Track for the flag objects, John Norton for the WKC logo, and Brian Spinney for the Northeast Grand logo.




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