(LDS) 2017 Peach State 100 Pre-Race

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(LDS) 2017 Peach State 100 Pre-Race

Post by Ceej on Sun May 28, 2017 10:33 am

Qualifying Results:
Row 1
ProLaps Pole Award: #66 Todd Stater
P2: #50 Kenny George

Row 2
P3: #46 Chuck Johnson
P4: #16 Billy Bob Childers

Row 3
P5: #2 Billy Ray Smith-Thompson
P6: #45 Harry S. Enola

Row 4
P7: #18 Jim Kidd
P8: #71 Packer Carroll

Row 5
P9: #63 Kevin Monroe
P10: #7 Bob Stephans

Row 6
P11: #41 Zack Webster
P12: #25 Danica Holifield

Row 7
P13: #78 Kyle Pearson
P14: #22 Monica Rook

Row 8
P15: #17 Hunter Blaize
P16: #60 Rick Forest

Row 9
P17: #86 Roy Warren
P18: #98 Kurt Walker

Row 10
P19: #82 Lev Azarov
P20: #64 Johnson Clapp

Row 11
P21: #6 Tim Burkhalter
P22: #83 Ashley Tucker

Row 12
P23: #8 Greg Gray
P24: #03 Trueman Ellison

Row 13
P25: #09 Allie Riggs
P26: #23 Eric Cardona

Row 14
P27: #93 Riley Durbin
P28: #54 John Burr

Row 15
P29: #1 Mark Thompson
P30: #153 Archer Helms

Row 16
P31: #100 Tom Brayton
P32: #666 Marco DeBeiste

Row 17
P33: #53 Cedrik Waalwer
P34: #3 Ronnie Holter

Row 18
P35: #28 Harrison Belcher (Wild Card 1)
P36: #06 David Bloom (Wild Card 2)

Failed to Qualify

#0 Dale Clough
#40 Dalton Johnson
#49 Bubba Johnson

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Re: (LDS) 2017 Peach State 100 Pre-Race

Post by historyracer on Mon May 29, 2017 11:51 am

I thought Kevin Monroe's number was 63.
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Re: (LDS) 2017 Peach State 100 Pre-Race

Post by UndyingLight on Mon May 29, 2017 7:33 pm

Backmarker for Waalwer:
Waalwer qualified 33rd, among the many back-markers.
Questions arose from Breggium Anutonnen about it, but then immediately waved it off.

His engine, used only once in the MSM cars are Leynix Li6 Engines. Thorough testing proved the engine was good enough to be reliable and have a decent showing. Clearly this is not the case with the #53 car altogether. The team's only good showing in the first two races was Alexa Lake's 6th place finish.

We'll have to see where this story goes.
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Re: (LDS) 2017 Peach State 100 Pre-Race

Post by TPGRacing75 on Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:38 pm

Rick Forest content with qualifying:
Rick Forest, the 2017 FARC Points leader qualified 16th, continuing his streak of top 20 qualifying efforts.

"We had a pretty good qualifying session, the car was a bit tight during qualifying, but if we keep it clean, we should be in good hands," Said Forest after the session was over.

With a win under their belt, and the points lead, the family owned Rick Forest Racing has proven they are here to compete with the big boys, despite their limited budget and resources, and they hope their recent momentum can carry forward into the race.
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Re: (LDS) 2017 Peach State 100 Pre-Race

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