Describe Your Character(s)!

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Describe Your Character(s)!

Post by kensethfan on Tue May 02, 2017 1:39 pm

Self-explanatory. What is your character all about? What do they drive like?

I'll begin with my own characters:

Kody Gleason - As the son of a successful Formula A driver, Kody Gleason has racing in his blood. He is one of the most fashionable and flamboyant men in the garage area, with the professed goal of making it to Master Cup. However, he lacks a good sense of direction, and for that reason he's had trouble staying committed to any one racing league at a time (which is why he's been in-and-out of canon for so long as well). As a driver, he's a hard charger, sometimes outrunning himself by using up too much of his car.

Troy Griffith - On track, Griffith sometimes drives with more brawn than brains, often getting physical with other cars and the wall. Known for his thin patience and short fuse, Griffith has attracted an unsavory notoriety among his competitors, his team, and race officials. He could run well all race long and still complain about having a bad race. He has a known disdain for the press, and for that reason his interviews are often bombastic and expletive-ridden. He's rumored to be headed to ASCC in the near future.

Lonny Rawlins - In stark contrast to Griffith, Rawlins has a very clean and consistent style of driving. Rawlins is very gracious, yet strangely silent. He'll let you give him and interview, but he won't make it a very long one. According to his friends and family, he only confides himself to the people who he trusts the most.

Roger Gailey - Currently the team owner of Gailey Enterprises in NAAC competition. Gailey was a respected veteran of many open-wheel series centered in and around the United States, with a handful of wins to his name. Now, he's a semi-retired driver in his fifties, showing up to race whenever the urge strikes him. As a car owner, he is often brutally honest, never taking responsibility for anybody but himself, yet he exhibits above-average levels of patience. He regularly butts heads with his driver Troy Griffith.

Chase Lynch - A rising star of the late model and sprint car scene in the United States. For such a young talent, Lynch has exhibited a mastery of car control, often sliding his car around the course every lap without losing a second of speed. The national attention he's received does appear to have gotten to his head though, because he is somewhat cocky. He makes his foray into the NAAC Late Model Tour in 2018.

Matthew Contey - My namesake in PCC canon is openly gay, and self-proclaimed emo trash (which is why he's mentally stuck in 2007). As a driver, he's very hit-or-miss. He's shown the potential to be fast, but has a heightened inclination to either crash or blow up. Sometimes, Contey will have moments of complete and utter brain fade. Before the PCC Cup Round of Mansfield, racing media outlets were calling him the first ever faggor to attempt a PCC Cup race, despite Contey not actually knowing what a faggor is.

(Okay, granted I've only entered my namesake into that one race so far, but I'm honestly considering doing more with him in PCC canon. The only reason my namesake showed up to the Dash Cup race in France was for the sake of an old joke between me and the GOMA guys.)

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Re: Describe Your Character(s)!

Post by NASCARLOVER427 on Tue May 02, 2017 4:35 pm

Alex Constantine:
TM Canon: Basically, he's a GM who likes to at random become a Defender. He mostly concerns himself with the day-to-day operations of a race team and video games and/or wrestling in his spare time, but he does have a lot of extracurricular activities like actually racing or guest-starring on WWE programming from time to time. While he enjoys the racing/whatever spotlight that he usually does stuff other than behind the scenes (See NAAC and Wrestlemania 33), he's really awkward when not. For example, he really likes going to conventions, but he isn't the most calm person when he's asked for an autograph/picture (not like he gets much of them because who asks for a team owner's autograph?) or when he's asked for advice. He does genuinely care for his employees (explaining the employee CAW tweet he made a long tome ago) and helps them when things happen (helping Dante Hernandez get a rally ride and rehiring/hiring Austin Sanders and Ryan Walker). He has also mastered the Twitter Shitpost, but that's pretty much all he does, as he's not big on social media.

PCC Canon: I imagine this is what's playing in his head at all times. I mean, he had a litter of cookies as pets, he's probably a magical girl, and no one touches his computer and lives. Basically everything I said in the preceding paragraph upped to eleven and add this shit.

I'll add some others when I have more time (or never, whichever comes first.)

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Re: Describe Your Character(s)!

Post by BlazingEmpireHD on Tue May 02, 2017 5:04 pm

My list is rather, why not start?
Alexa Lake
A 23 year old who races part time in several series, but primarily FARC. She's possibly the most caring person you'll meet. She has a real sense of humor, she is a great race car driver and she has become rather important in the role of Master Sport Motorsports development. She is the reason the team still exists.

Derrike Chaiter
The 25 year old rookie who runs with Delgado-Degarmo Enterprises with the 19 Lycoia from Brisbane, Australia. He has a real knack for road course racing in Australia and even has a championship to his name. He's prone to anger when things get a little too far hairy in situations that only he can get out of. Generally a courteous back-marker and racer. He is dating Alexa Lake and has a 6 month old baby boy from a prior marriage.

Breggium Antutonnen
This 61 year old legend from Murten, Switzerland, who is now racing in FARC part-time, owns the entirety of Master Sport Motorsports, as well as Racing, Pro, and Development. He is often short on words whereas officials have to sometimes threaten to get a word out. However, on issues within his team, he is well spoken. He is also a decent road course racer, but can be stubborn out on track.

Scott Madigan
This 35 year old short tracker is going to show up soon in AST Voltson Super Trucks in his Isanni truck. He's very well known in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan(?). He likes to race hard, and is very good and respectful at it. He is a very nice young man and will give a quick two cents every chance he can. He is married to late model superstar Kate Alice Madigan, and has three children.

Ben Maddox
This 30 year old also will race with Madigan on the same team this season of AST Voltson Super Trucks. Unlike his best friend Scott, Ben grew up in dirt track racing and will begin his career under the spotlight with Madigan in M & M Crew. Often, he is among the friendly camp, yet he can break into a rage and turn unwanted cars/trucks around. He's got a temper, and you must watch out for it. He is married to fellow AST Truck racer Jennifer Yovak and they've just had their second child.

Damien Josyl
This 32 year old rookie is great friends with Scott and Ben above, but he does not race in AST Voltson yet. He lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with his wife Jackie and two sons, Kevin and Chase.

More of this is coming soon....

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Re: Describe Your Character(s)!

Post by Dexter249 on Wed May 03, 2017 8:30 am

List is rather short.....
Bill Jones : Jones is quite the underestimated type, he usually makes a pretty good showing at most races he goes to, 24 years old and one of the most sarcastic jokers in the BAAR Paddock, although his twitter is a lot different......
Daniel Evans : The BAAR Paddock's Resident "Meme God" who is always either joking or posting memes when in the paddock, usually the former and is also really not the best driver when it comes to BAAR Machinery.
Daniel Bouchard : Some say he has Autism, Ironically he does and is one of the calmer drivers in the FARC field despite his aggressiveness, he's a dirt/short track specialist from Canada who also has a knack for road courses, his aggressive nature usually leads to him spinning people out on occassion.
Juan Cortez : Known for having. A LOT of brain fade (MIS 2016 is a prime example) He isn't the brightest driver in the AST Paddock but can be smart when it comes to Endurance pit-strategy, he once won the Mosport 3 hour enduro with Bouchard back when He was racing on road courses.
Alex Raston : Difficult to talk to.....just to say the least one of the most shy people in the paddock, although on the radio, it's fairly obvious he likes to use CAPS LOCK a lot.
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Re: Describe Your Character(s)!

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