The Story of Bobby Dale Earnhardt.

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The Story of Bobby Dale Earnhardt.

Post by Alta on Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:10 pm

Came across this article a little while back...Wanted to post it cause it's absolutely hilarious.

June 26, 2013 Posted by Andy Delay in Andy Delay, Blogs
The Real Deal: Bobby Dale Earnhardt

When Dale Earnhardt was killed on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 the racing world lost an icon, a great race car driver, and a great man.

The loss of Dale left many of us with a void inside. No matter if you liked him or not, Dale Earnhardt was the one driver that the average fan could identify with. It was his persona that NASCAR hung their reputation and identity on.

He was “The man”.Dale Earnhardt

He was indestructible as we all watched as Dale climbed out of seriously wrecked race cars with nothing more than a singed mustache or a broken collarbone. With some of Earnhardt’s wrecked cars he would chase the recovery crew away from his racecar and climb back into it if he saw the car would restart as they were loading it up on the wrecker.

There was only one Dale Earnhardt Sr., but there is more than one Earnhardt.
Many people turned to Dale Earnhardt Jr. after his fathers death, and unfairly expected him to fill his father’s shoes.
Dale Jr. is a good race car driver, and a better team owner, but he isn’t what the fans have expected him to be; his father.
For several years after Dale’s passing, I often thought that it would be nice to see Dale’s son Kerry Earnhardt someday drive the No. 3. Many folks will argue that Kerry doesn’t have nearly the talent that Dale Jr. and his sister Kelley have. It didn’t matter to me because he was, and is, a spitting image of his father . He would look eerily familiar in the black No. 3.
Fast forward to 2011. I was covering the NASCAR and ARCA events at the Pocono Raceway. A friend of mine said that she had someone that she wanted me to talk to. She handed me the phone and I spoke to my now good friend Bobby Dale Earnhardt for the first time.Bobby Dale 1
Bobby Dale Earnhardt is Kerry’s son and the first grandson of the late Dale Earnhardt. He’s a spitting image of his father, and his grandfather.
When I had Bobby Dale on my show, Burning Rubber Radio for the first time, he was quiet and soft spoken.
7-23-10-bobby-dale-earnhardt-and-mowerAt the time Bobby Dale raced lawn mowers (which are scary crazy) and had worked a little for his Uncle Dale Jr. Other than that, Bobby Dale had little other racing experience.
As I got to know Bobby Dale better, he told me that he did not wish to ascend through the ranks of NASCAR because of his last name and bloodline, he wanted to do it on his own credentials from the bottom up.
Bobby Dale has the ability through family to buy his way into NASCAR but hasn’t. Bobby Dale has decided that he will come into the sport just like his grandfather did, by earning his own reputation and paying his dues. How can you not respect that?
Bobby Dale has ran into a few dead ends like everyone in racing does, and has had a few racing leads that didn’t work out, but now he has found a home in West Virginia racing the No. 33 All In One Pawn Shop truck in the ARCA Truck Series.
BD Truck
In his first few races in the ARCA Truck Series, Bobby Dale has two top 10 finishes. Bobby Dale awed the crowd and fellow racers alike at the Ona Speedway race.  He kept a truck that was so loose under him that his competitors said they could see the numbers on his door while they were behind him in the corners. With that ill-handling truck he finished eighth in only his third race. Absolutely amazing!
I believe that Bobby Dale Earnhardt is the person who will eventually fill the void left by his grandfather’s death.Bobby dale 2
As the racing world gets to know Bobby Dale, they are going to find a very genuine, good-hearted  person that the race fans can immediately identify with. He has the heart, drive and determination that will endear new and old fans alike. He’s a determined competitor that will put the bumper to the opponents if needed, and he has natural talent like no other.
So, get ready racing world, There’s gong to be a new sheriff in town soon, and Sheriff Bobby Dale Earnhardt is going to lead the Earnhardt legacy through the next generation.
You can find more information about Bobby Dale Earnhardt at: or find Bobby Dale Earnhardt on Facebook.


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Re: The Story of Bobby Dale Earnhardt.

Post by RealRacer4 on Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:41 pm

MFW I read the whole article:


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