Hornet (Classic Daytona USA) Logos

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Hornet (Classic Daytona USA) Logos

Post by gwoodard41 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:42 pm

Not the best logo rip, but thanks to Cynon finding a high quality flat, I was able to rip and modify the logos for personal use.

While not the best quality, they should get the job done. I'm thinking creating an ARLA (as long as it doesn't conflict with the rules) or a TMMC car as a tribute... hmm...

mediafire.com ?n8b7285a7oqq2n2

Logos are NOT my creation, I merely was able to get them into a decent enough form and make a .psd available. Those are the main logos... I know I could have included the Gallop Racing Logo and I may do that later...

But anywho, my first major 'successful' logo rip. Comments?

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