3 Dash Cup Requests

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3 Dash Cup Requests

Post by Mother of Invention on Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:42 pm

Number: 000
Driver Name: Claude LeClerc
Manufacturer: Lycoia
Primary Sponsor: Carrefour
Associate Sponsors: Matmut
Mod: Dash Cup
Tire Preference: Ummmm I have no clue what tires are used...uhhhh...Goodyear?
Additional Notes: White with dark blue and red stripes

Number: 111
Driver Name: Virginy Ptumakis
Manufacturer: Lycoia
Primary Sponsor: Carrefour / TSS Aviation (Fictional)
Associate Sponsors: Air Canada Jazz / A&W
Mod: Dash Cup
Tire Preference: Goodyear
Additional Notes: Same Paint Job as above but with a Dark Blue Roof

Number: 555
Driver Name: Ronnie Ingle
Manufacturer: STS
Primary Sponsor: NordskAvia Jet Refueling
Associate Sponsors: SAS airlines
Mod: Dashcup
Tire Preference: goodyear
Additional Notes: Solid White car with Swedish Flag on the roof, Sponsor is fictional so just use sky blue text with some clouds above the text.
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