2011 TM Master Cup Series Schedule

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2011 TM Master Cup Series Schedule Empty 2011 TM Master Cup Series Schedule

Post by Cynon on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:21 pm

20 Races

-10 races in the United States
-10 races outside the United States
-Two races in Canada -- one in Quebec and one in British Columbia.
-Daytona is back on the July 4th weekend (July 4 is a Monday this year). It's the oval Daytona too.
-Australia is gone due to me not finding a suitable track. TM Lights South will still race in Australia.
-Ohio takes a place... but what track would that be?!
-Lots of existing events may be at new tracks.
-Texas stays but goes to a new track
-September 11th is intentionally made an off weekend.
-Michigan only has 1 Independent slot. I'll be nitpicky about who gets that one unless I get a second slot on the track.
-Russia and Germany have TBA cars there. Those are local entries. There may be one for Britain as well.
-All Independents Trophy entrants are given free invites to Karjala, Indy, and Decatur, but they do not score Independent Points for those races.

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