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Post by Cynon on Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:10 am

2019 Bonus:
Around 10 series regulars will be given an arbitrary ratings boost (of 5 to each category in section 1), but it may not come into effect until after the second race. I have not determined who those drivers are yet.

I will occasionally and arbitrarily rotate who gets the bonus, but I will document who gets it, and when.

To start the season off, I hand-picked 4 house drivers and 4 user drivers to get the bonus. I then randomly picked a house driver and randomly picked a user driver to make things interesting. The two random draws are listed last, in case anyone was wondering.

With the bonus;

Arto Kekkonen
Marco CastaƱeda
Adrien Devereux
Saul Fischel
Scott Bates
Cameron Taylor
Yevgeny Kuznetsov
Ingrid Haddeland
Liv Eklund
Chuck Johnson

SECTION 1: Driver Skills and Discipline
Use each number only once: 15, 12, 9, 5, -5. The two fields you don't assign a number to will have a value of 0.

Road Course
Short Track
Speedway & Superspeedway (what you give to speedway, you also give to superspeedway)

Aggression 0
Consistency 0
Finishing -5
Qualifying 15
Road Course 9
Short Track 12
Speedway & Superspeedway 5

SECTION 2: Car (This will be determined by the team owner. I will determine these ratings for all the full-time teams with the exception of Tonare Motorsports, Power Steering, Inc, Matthews Motorsports, and Lawrence Gravity Racing)
Use each number only once, the numbers in parentheses are the equivalent of this number's effect on the reliability attribute: 10 (70), 5 (50), 0 (30), -5 (0)


* For reliability, the number in parenthesis will be used instead and will be applied to the reliability minimum, since the maximum reliability for the entire field will be 100.

Since the series will use stacked ratings, the numbers will be added to each stack's base stat. Keep in mind that the wider margins have the potential to create more runaway wins, but have the added bonus of really shaking things up in the midfield, because some of the stacks will have base stats that are very similar.

If things don't make sense still, say so.


2019 Base Ratings: You don't pick these -- I do -- and they're 100% arbitrary.

Class 1 wrote:
Aggression 60-80
Consistency 60-80
Finishing 60-80
Qualifying 60-80

Road Course 60-80
Short Track 60-80
Speedway 60-80
Superspeedway 60-80

Aerodynamics 60-80
Chassis 60-80
Engine 60-80
Reliability 0-100

Pit Crew

Consistency 20-70
Speed 20-70
Strategy 0-100

Class 2 wrote:
Aggression 60-70
Consistency 60-70
Finishing 60-70
Qualifying 60-70

Road Course 60-70
Short Track 60-70
Speedway 60-70
Superspeedway 60-70

Aerodynamics 60-70
Chassis 60-70
Engine 60-70
Reliability 0-100

Pit Crew

Consistency 40-70
Speed 40-70
Strategy 0-100

Class 3/All Independent's Trophy Cars wrote:
Aggression 50-70
Consistency 50-70
Finishing 50-70
Qualifying 50-70

Road Course 50-70
Short Track 50-70
Speedway 50-70
Superspeedway 50-70

Aerodynamics 50-70
Chassis 50-70
Engine 50-70
Reliability 10-100

Pit Crew

Consistency 50-80
Speed 50-80
Strategy 0-100

Note: No full-time car or Independent's Trophy car is in class 4. You can only be in this group by choice, and you can remove your driver from this group at will.
Class 4/Voluntary Backmarker wrote:
Aggression 0-60
Consistency 0-60
Finishing 0-60
Qualifying 0-60

Road Course 0-60
Short Track 0-60
Speedway 0-60
Superspeedway 0-60

Aerodynamics 0-60
Chassis 0-60
Engine 0-60
Reliability 0-100

Pit Crew

Consistency 0-60
Speed 0-60
Strategy 0-100

Effort Equals Results

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Last Win: IREC @ Nazareth
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