Race 21: Argentina

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Race 21: Argentina Empty Race 21: Argentina

Post by Cynon on Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:24 pm


Reject of the Race:
Reject of the Race: Hodges-Walter Racing
Tire gambling with Devereux the only way they made any kind of positive track position. Lost a LOT of track position late in tire runs.

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Race 21: Argentina Empty Re: Race 21: Argentina

Post by UndyingLight on Sun Mar 05, 2017 5:30 pm

Chaiter Displeased with a 33rd place finish:
Derrike Chaiter, after coming out of his burnt out Lycoia stated "I'd really love a chance to drive a fast car."

He continued to ramble on and included a peculiar statement. "Maybe I can make some sort of deal with [Tom] Delgado and upgrade the engine in this Lycoia."

Chaiter had a pretty good race until an unnoticed tire failure took him two laps down and down to 39th. He'd be able to climb back to 33rd. Three places out from his qualifying position.

He stated as he left the track, calmly. "Damn me. I should have waited on the bid for racing hard. Me tires left me car. Damn."

[Derrike] Chaiter is hoping that Tom Delago and the team he is with will be good to make a deal.
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