Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City

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Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City Empty Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City

Post by Cynon on Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:57 am

Part 1

Part 2


Reject of the Race:
Reject of the Race: Azuma Kazeyama
Careless driving all throughout the entire race makes awarding this one pretty easy.

Things I Didn't Record:
All of these were not recorded or mentioned to keep video length down a bit:
- The battle between E.B. Marah and Robert Dorian. This got really intense even though both of them were essentially fighting for last.
- Kuznetsov's drive through the field, because he passed most of them on pit stops, not on the track.
- Ashby, Devereux, Soveral, and Clévenot double-stinted their tires on the last stop. Kekkonen didn't, and double-stinted them from stints 4-5 instead of 5-6. That's why he suddenly lost as much ground as he did.
- The battle for 19th between Dan Mackay and Benoit Voeckler got kinda heated late in the race but the leaders were busy crashing on the other end of the track at the same time.
- Kevin Dwyer roughed up a few more cars.
- Tom Moore nearly clobbered the wall in the last corner but didn't.

Effort Equals Results

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Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City Empty Re: Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City

Post by Alpineopossum on Fri Dec 23, 2016 10:55 pm

Taylor's Comments on Gravis City Race

"I'm very pleased with our run today. This was a really tough race, and I'm really happy to come out of this with a good result. I do think that if one or two factors had fallen in our favor, or had I been a bit quicker through one or two parts of the track, than we could've been a contender for the win. But I'll take a points finish any day. We had a really strong car - we unloaded from the team shop with a great setup, which is a tough thing to do on a new street course. And with that arrow in our quiver so to speak, I was able to get to the front, and had a really strong run. It's great to get such a strong run for the team."

"It's a shame for Arto, because he really was the class of the field today, but sometimes things like this happen. It was a pretty interesting race. I'm looking forward to going to Brazil. I've always been fascinated by that part of the world; it's a beautiful place with a fabulous culture, and I've never had the privilege of racing there until now. It's something I'm certainly looking forward to, and I'm hoping for a great run for the Saar boys there."

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Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City Empty Re: Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City

Post by bsoyuz on Sat Dec 24, 2016 8:02 am

Macena: As far as I'm concerned Devereux can f--- himself

Adrien Devereux took the win at Gravis City under controversial fashion, following contact between finn Arto Kekkonen and japanese Zelda Ashby in the closing stages of the race, however Devereux also ruffled feathers of his own, spinning Independent's Trophy contender Gabriel Macena, who at the time was running inside the points zone, after the contact, Macena would lose five positions to end in 23rd, his second finish outside the points in his total 5 starts, one of those starts being a win for the brazilian domestic series veteran.

Macena climbed out of his Saar Eagle visibly angry, throwing the helmet over the fence and outside the track and was kept from going into the Hodges-Walter Racing pit direction by his own pit crew. The brazilian, who partly owns the Saar do Brasil operation, was interviewed by a KL TV crew following the debacle and he had a colored choice of wording:

"Devereux is a french idiot, who gets patted on the head for being a prick. He can do no wrong because he is in the big time, he can wreck everyone that is a lap behind him, because he is a star, while I, who probably got more credentials than the rest of the people in FARC, have to be criticized by them for doing things marginally wrong. As far as I'm concerned Devereux can fuck himself, and shove this win and the 100 points where the sun doesn't shine on if you get what I mean. If Devereux makes mention of getting a centimeter close to me in Brazil and Argentina, I'll kick his idiot ass six ways from Sunday"

Macena will participate in the next two Master Cup events in Brazil and Argentina, looking to recover from this lackluster performance in Gravis City, while also looking to make up enough points to challenge Hannah Percy and Archer Harris for the Independent's Trophy, needing at least a 4th place in his home country to take the lead, or two 29th place finishes to catch up to Percy and Harris, leaving the fight to Decatur, assuming he qualifies for that event as well.

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Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City Empty Re: Race 19c: Grand Prix of Gravis City

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