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Post by Cynon on Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:43 pm

Lynxe Racing May Boycott Gravis City

As the TM Master Cup series looks towards its first ever run in the streets of Gravis City, all but one of the participating full-time teams have been granted business licenses for the inaugural Grand Prix of Gravis City. The odd team out is Lynxe Racing, a team whose difficulties have been compounded by its parent company being prohibited from doing business in Gravis City due to being in violation of local laws.

Lynxe Racing team principal Laura Ensminger expressed her disgust with the situation regarding the Gravis City race. "It's a pretty disgusting situation, because it shows that gender discrimination is alive and well there." Ensminger quipped.

A representative for the Grand Prix of Gravis City dismissed Ensminger's claim as baseless.

"We are genuinely sorry that Ms. Ensminger makes such baseless claims about Gravis City." the representative retorted.
"If her claims held merit, then we would not have more women in management for the race and we would not be doing more to empower women than anywhere else in the world."

Lynxe Racing holds the option to sell its entries for the Grand Prix of Gravis City in order to avoid facing penalties from TM Master Cup series management. Former TM Master Cup champion Tony Durbin confirmed that he is interested in buying Lynxe Racing's entries if he could.

"I called Lynxe Racing about their grid spots, beyond that, I can't say, but if they can't get to Gravis City then I'd be willing to take their spot with two cars. Last thing the sport needs is for sponsors to look bad because of this deal." Durbin said.

A current Master License-holder, who wished to remain nameless, implied that Lynxe Racing would not have the troubles it was having because of the team's politics.

"Lynxe Racing is a team created more for politics than for actual racing. If they shut up and acted like racers, nobody would have a problem. I think they've asked for more special priveledges than any team I've ever seen. Unreal stuff, absolutely unreal."

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