Clockwork Racing Disqualified from Round of Sweden

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Clockwork Racing Disqualified from Round of Sweden Empty Clockwork Racing Disqualified from Round of Sweden

Post by Cynon on Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:10 pm

Clockwork Racing seemingly caught the rest of the field in the TM Master Cup series sleeping when they successfully made a two stop strategy work to win the Round of Sweden. While it appeared to be a popular win with fans because of the nature of the Clockwork Midnight car, it was not a popular victory in the paddock. The race-winning car was taken back to the TM Master Cup series R&D Center in Indianapolis after rumors that the fuel system failed inspection, and the team used last year's Midnight in the Karjala Grand Prix. The win was allowed to stand until an investigation on the inner workings of the Midnight had been completed, after which it was determined that the race-winning car from the Round of Sweden would be disqualified with an illegal fuel system.

The victory was inherited by Kevin Dwyer.

Clockwork Racing has appealed the decision, but the hearing will not be until after the series returns to North America. They are entered for the Round of Wales with England's Morgan Le Fay returning to car #49.

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