Race 08: Round of Russia

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Race 08: Round of Russia Empty Race 08: Round of Russia

Post by Cynon on Thu May 21, 2015 11:53 pm


Reject of the Race: Carlos Roqueta
Crap qualifying capped off with an insane block on Kingston that was never going to work.

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Race 08: Round of Russia Empty Re: Race 08: Round of Russia

Post by SnakePlissken on Sun May 24, 2015 10:39 am

Plissken's Car Blows Up, Plissken Does Not!

Most drivers would be highly upset when their car running in 8th place decides to detonate, but Kurt Plissken seems calmly resigned to his fate.
  "It's been happening way to frequently if you ask me. It sucks because we had a pretty damn good car out there today," Plissken stated.
  Greg Woodard, Plissken's PSI teammate, brought home a 9th place result at the Round of Russia held at the Vnukovo Airport facility.
  "We were moving up through the field really well, then it just blew up. What can you do?" Plissken asked rhetorically.
  While trying to limp his #16 Demet's Turtle Lycoia Interceptor to the pits, Plissken spun in his own oil and was impacted by both Tom Moore and Benoit Voeckler.
Voeckler actually "piled right in" Plissken's driver door side, but since the cars were at one of the the slower points of the track, Plissken continued on with no further ill effects.

Plissken dropped down to 14th in the overall points standings while Woodard moved up into 11th place.

  On a side note, Plissken quipped about announcer Dan Mullen's glowing reference of teammate Greg Woodard. When he heard that Mullen had called Woodard the "Golden Haired Angel" Plissken responded, "Do we have a bromance blossoming or some type of a man-crush situation developing?! Stay Golden Lycoia Boy!"
With that, Plissken snickered and walked away.

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