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    Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:27 am
    Message by bsoyuz - About your request:
    I need the following info:

    - Which is the cylinder count decal: L4 or V6 or V8
    - Do I need to do the logos?

    Canonical series that I currently run:

    - North American Auto Club (2014-present)
    - United States Dirt Racing Association (2016-present)
    - AmeriCar Road Racing Championship (2017-present)
    - CSA Stock Car Cup (2015, 2017-present)

    Please do not over use the same damn teams in every canon series at the same time unless there's a very strong intention behind it. It gets really wacky if you do that. And we are not intended to have that type of wacky things here. That stuff is rarity not norm.

    Drivers probably shouldn't even be allowed to run more than one series full-time at a time.

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