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    Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:42 pm
    Message by Alta - oh

    EFR's Resident, Resident? Sure let's go with that/GOMA's Resident Gimmick Maker/Shitty Jokester/Pizza Deliveryman

    My "Inside Joke or Something" Youtube channel:
    My "Gimmick of the Month" Facebook page:
    My "Did Not Qualify" Twitter page:
    My "Kewl gurrrlll" MyAnimeList Page:
    My "Classy i guess?" Hummingbird (The other poopy animu list site) Page:
    My "Disapproving Todd" TwitchTV channel:
    My "I Change My Name Everytime I Play GMod" Steam Name: Alta6665000

    Last NR2003 Win: A 1 lap race at a gripped-up Pocono / Last NR2003 Pole: 2008
    Favorite Driver: Mike Affarano's mustache / Best Girl/Bae: Randy LaJoie
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    Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:19 am
    Message by navycook75 (online) - fuck you
    refer to the subject.


    Online Wins: 11 (GGT Canadian Walmat Challenge) It's been two years, can I win again please? I'm putting Curt Hawkins to shame
    Online Poles: 8 (Luc Pellerin is STILL a Croissant 100k) tfw last pole was GOMA Lights
    Championships: 5 (GOMA Trucks Season 4) Winless once again!

    1x WrestleCircus Sideshow 24/7 champion
    FLEEEX-BOX *ding*

Rank: Legend
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