2010-2011 Red Robin Pole Award winners

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2010-2011 Red Robin Pole Award winners

Post by crl on Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:44 pm

2 poles
Alex Neszmery (Irwindale, B.C. Grand Prix Q-race*)

1 pole
CJ Cameron (Phoenix)
Taylor Bandsma (Loudon)
Darryl Wallace (North Wilkesboro)
Tina Lee (Carbondale)
Garth Davidson (Salem)
Thor Gonzalez (Watkins Glen)
Brandon Molloy (Grand Detour)
Brendan Rody (Dover)
Carter Davids (USA)
Ron Mertz (Charlotte)
Alexis Farr (Mosport)
CJ Long (B.C. Grand Prix)
Brandon Baker (Evergreen)
Mike Falls (Portland)

*-since the Q-race was for points, Neszmery gets credit for winning a Red Robin Pole Award, even though there were no bonus points awarded.

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