Code of Conduct/The TM Commandments

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Code of Conduct/The TM Commandments

Post by Cynon on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:18 pm

- Thou Shalt Not Make Another Person's Character Do Anything Without Their Permission
Especially one of mine. This is common courtesy. There are a few exceptions to this rule (drivers being sacked most notably on this list), but they are few and far between. If you're typically a respectful person I will let this slide here and there. But if you do this to other people in other series, keep in mind that I can and will return the favor.

- Thou Shalt Not Asketh Me When The Next Raceth Shall Be Postedeth
Because all I will say is; "When it's done." I don't make personal deadlines or rush things.

- Thou Shalt Understandeth The Officials
I seldom speak through the officials unless it's a serious piece of driver fail. For most penalty calls, the officials for the TMMC are based off of real racing officials. Keep in mind that just because I give you a penalty doesn't mean I hate you or dislike you.

- Thou Shalt Be Respectful Of Other Users
But yelling at their drivers is perfectly acceptable.

- Thou Shalt Suggesteth New Ideas
I shall listen if they are within reason.

- Thou Shalt Understandeth My Injury Calls
Whenever I believe injury is possible I will say that I have 'no word on their condition'. A driver that I haven't received word on their medical condition may be perfectly fine and that word just hasn't gotten out yet. Conversely, you may go the Tom Delgado Route and be injured by every crash and a half. However, do keep in mind that there are a few incidents where injury is not avoidable, and I will state that there is an injury, but it's not known exactly what. This can include death.

- Thou Shalt Not Emo On The Forums Wanting A Ride
Also called the S├ębastien Bourdais Rule (I say that and I like Seabass...). I find this annoying.

- Thou Shalt Not Speak For Me
This falls under the respect rule of the forum. Certain people *COUGHCOLETRICKLECOUGH* do this a lot in certain threads. Don't ever, ever speak for me.

- Thou Shalt Not Spammeth The Forum
Because otherwise thou shalt be smitten!

- Thou Shalt Cheereth For Who You Like And Booeth Who You Hate
Because enthusiasm is great.

- Thou Shalt Not Asketh To Changeth Thy Ratings
Stick with what you got. That's how I roll. I do find this insulting.

- Thou Shalt Be Encouraged To Challenge Penalties
Provided your challenges are reasonable.

- Thou Shalt Suggest Tracks If You Haveth A Suggestion
But if it gets annoying I'll disregard your request

- Thou Shalt Not Assumeth I Am Available All The Timeth
I'm actually pretty easy to get in contact with, but please remember I have a life and have classes I want to pass. I'm usually on the ISRA Teamspeak -- and you might be surprised how many people on there are in the TM Master Cup series. Seriously, it's like a Who's Who of TMMC.

- Thou Shalt Visiteth The Forum Ofteneth Or Seeth Me On Teamspeaketh
Because otherwise you might rule yourself out of a decent ride by default.

- Thou Shalt Not Pisseth Me Off
Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

- Thou Shalt Not Calleth Me On Skypeth When I Am Racing Onlineth
Actually, I'm just putting this one here because ScottRiggs66 did during practice and because Marcus (Marcos Leonard) did it during a truck race at Daytona -- when I was second in the lead pack with two laps to go. I race on Fridays around 7 Central these days...

- Thou Shalt Commenteth and Be a Punditeth
It's a lot of fun to read those and see the fan punditry. Don't think I don't read those. You're more than welcome to guess where drivers are going, just remember to abide by the first rule.

- Thou Shalt Stoppeth Reading This
For it is boring to read.

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