Nawrocki apoligizes, drops suit, files for reinstatement

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Nawrocki apoligizes, drops suit, files for reinstatement

Post by RncRacer on Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:14 am

After several years of denying, Ryan Nawrocki admitted today that he intentionally attempted to alter the 2009 championship, "I knew my job was in jeopardy for the 2010 season, and I did a foolish thing trying to save my own ride. What I did was wrong, I made a terrible choice and I will have to live with that for the rest of my life. I called Alexis Rainsford, as well Peter Keyes and Dennis Keyes to personally apologize earlier today, something I realize I should have done much sooner. I deserved my suspension and I want to assure my fans, my VSCC team, and the TM Racing Organization that I deeply regret my actions of 2008 and have learned my lesson from my over 2 year ban from the series. I lied trying to protect myself, when in turn all I was doing was hurting myself and the people around me. I plan to file for reinstatement in hopes of being cleared to drive in the 2012 season. I will accept any further penalty, and understand that there is still much work to be done to regain my reputation. I fully expect to be on probation the rest of my driving career, but I can only hope that my record of clean driving throughout my career, including recently in the VSCC, will aid my cause. I have dropped my suit against the TM series and will do whatever is deemed necessary to regain my license in the TM Master Cup series."


Just as a note I am back. Sorry it took me so long. Good to see you guys still have a solid group going over here. Sorry if my post isn't 100% canon, it has been a while since I have followed some of this stuff closely, looking to get back into it.

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