[2011] Ratings Package

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[2011] Ratings Package

Post by Cynon on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:17 pm

Cynon wrote:Every car in the TM Master Cup series has its own AI ratings. These affect how competitive the car is on different tracks.

Two fields will be set to 80-90 except for one field in each section, which will be 85-95, and another which will be 75-85.

Reliability is the only exception. The minimum for reliability will be 0, and the max for it will change dramatically depending on what you place there.

If you put the 85-95 for Reliability, Reliability becomes 0-90
If you put one of the 80-90s for Reliability, Reliability becomes 0-60
If you put the 75-85 for Reliability, Reliability becomes 0-30

Hopefully that makes sense.

All Pit Crew Ratings will still be 60-80.

Keep in mind that I will alter the track .inis for a fair number of the road courses so that the AI recognize them as speedways or superspeedways. This is done so the Superspeedway and Speedway rating slots are not useless, and will hopefully shake up the championship.

Also, keep in mind that the faster road circuits like Spa or Decatur favor very different cars to, say, Brands Hatch or Australia (the track I used for Australia in 2009 is what I'm referring to).




Road Course:
Short Track:



Pit crews are all 60-80.

If you fail to send in ratings to me, you will get 75-85 in EVERY CATEGORY.

New for 2011:

I will bring the stacked ratings concept from TM Lights into the TM Master Cup series, however, not to as great of an extent. Of the 38 full-time cars there will be 8 class A cars, 24 class B cars, and 6 class C cars.

Class A cars will have 5 added to all their minimums and maximums.
Class B cars will have no modifications. All Independent's Trophy Entries are B Class cars.
Class C cars will have at least 15 subtracted from all their section 3 ratings. However, their pit crew ratings will all be 100-100.

But there's a catch; The cars designated as Class A and B will be shuffled every three races.

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