2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread

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2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread Empty 2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread

Post by Cynon on Fri Oct 19, 2018 12:20 pm

Beat Packer to it because reasons.

1. You cannot vote for your namesake character or any character you've created. Your team, though, is fair game. The league owner is exempt from this rule (Cynon).

2. You can vote only once.

3. Your vote is not considered official until they're counted, which is not going to be any time soon. If you want to change your vote, just go back and edit your post, and you don't have to tell me you've edited it, since nothing is considered official yet.

4. The performance awards cannot be voted on, due to already being decided on the track. Just so you know.

WORST RACE OF THE YEAR: The race that absolutely sucked.

REJECT OF THE YEAR: The worst driver (or other entity) of the year, with quality of equipment taken into consideration as well.

GOLDEN CABBAGE AWARD: The most boneheaded move of the season.

CABBAGE PATCH AWARD: The race that had the most cases of idiotic driving.

MOST HATED DRIVER: Given to the driver the fans love to hate.

MOST HATED TEAM: Given to the team the fans love to hate.

MOST CONTROVERSIAL MOMENT OF 2014: Self-explanatory.

DAN CLARKE AWARD: The driver who caused the most stupid collisions with other drivers throughout the course of the year.

STEVE WALLACE AWARD: Automatically awarded to whoever comes second in the Dan Clarke Award voting.

KING HIRO AWARD: The driver who never could be lapped gracefully. The driver with the worst use of the mirrors.

BRIAN BARNHART AWARD: The worst call by the officials.

FELIPE MASSA AWARD: The driver who was beaten by their teammate by the widest margin on a regular basis -- not because of a difference in equipment, but due to performances alone!

DANNY SULLIVAN AWARD: Given to the driver that you would least like to have as your teammate. The driver who seemed to forget that you are supposed to be a bit more courteous to your teammate on the track.

NARAIN KARTHIKEYAN AWARD: Given to the driver who lucked into a really good result at one point. Doesn't have to be an undeserving race winner.

JOEY LOGANO AWARD: Given to the most obvious moment when little team(s) got screwed over by bigger one(s).

KURT BUSCH AWARD: Given to the driver or other personality with the worst people skills.

AUSTRIA '02 AWARD: Given to the most obvious case of team orders.

ALESSANDRO ZAMPEDRI AWARD: The biggest first lap crash.
New Award

PIGS IN SPACE AWARD: The least believable moment of all.

NICKY MINAJ AWARD: The worst music in a video.

COLORBLIND DESIGN AWARD: The worst paintjob on a car this season.

BEST RACE OF THE YEAR: The most exciting race of the 2014 season.

THE PUNCH AND JUDY AWARD: The mano-a-mano matchup that captivated the fans throughout the season.

J.R. HILDEBRAND AWARD: Given to the driver that had victory in their grasp, only to see it slip away. Could be entirely self-inflicted 'heartbreak'.

AL UNSER, JR. AWARD: Given to the driver who had the best back-to-the-front performance of 2014.

COMEBACK OF THE YEAR: Given to the driver that had an abysmal 2013, then came back strong in 2014.

ROBERTO MORENO AWARD: The best substitute driver of the year. There were plenty of those.

JOHN ANDRETTI AWARD: Given to the driver that pulled the most shocking upset victory of 2014.

GARY BETTENHAUSEN AWARD: Given to the best of the one-off drivers at Karjala, Indy, Gravis City, and Decatur.

DELANO POLESITTER OF THE YEAR: (NOTE: Only pole winners are eligible for this award.) Given to the driver who made the most of their P1 starting position.
- Arto Kekkonen
- Melanie Clevenot
- Luciano Soveral
- Leonid Roderick
- Alessandro Rossini
- Adrien Devereux
- Kurt Plissken
- David Krikorian
- Greg Woodard
- Morgan Le Fay
- Rachel Rainsford

DRIVER OF THE YEAR: Given to the driver whom the fans think was the best driver of the year.

MOST POPULAR DRIVER: Given to the drivers the fans liked the most. One of the most prestigious awards.

TEAM OF THE YEAR: Given to the best team of the year.

MOST POPULAR TEAM: The team the fans liked the most in 2014.

STEALTH BOMBER AWARD: The award given to the driver who wasn't mentioned much during the season, but still ran exceptionally well.

ALEX ZANARDI PASS OF THE YEAR: Given to the driver who made the best pass of the year.

RUSPORT AWARD: Best intra-team rivalry. The pair of teammates who were the most evenly matched of all.

VAN DER GARDE AWARD: The driver who made the most out of a terrible car to capture headlines.

SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS AWARD: The biggest ass-whoopin' that a driver put on the competition -- the race where the battle was for second.

JAMES HUNT AWARD: Your favorite moment where the commentator takes a jab at a driver or other entity.

UEMATSU-KLEPACKI AWARD: The best piece of music (or music cue) used in a video this season.

MICHELANGELO AWARD: The best paintscheme in the field.

REGAN SMITH AWARD: A driver that doesn't currently have a full-time TM Master Cup ride that you wish would get one.

75 DOLLAR SEAT AWARD: Given to the driver who somehow made it through a crazy-as-all-hell accident unscathed, and probably needed a change in pants afterwards.

BEST MURRAYISM: Most amusing commentator gaffe, catchphrase, or quirk.

LEADER OF THE PACK AWARD: Given to the driver who leads the most laps in the season. Winner: Arto Kekkonen, 352 laps


STEEL SPIRIT AWART: Given to the driver who completes the most laps in the season. Winner: Divina Henton -- 1878 laps (96% of the total -- by one lap)

2014 TM MASTER CUP SERIES OWNER'S CHAMPION: Winner: #7 Team, Hodges-Walter Racing

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD: Given to the rookie driver (marked with -R-) with the best four finishes. Winner: Carlos Roqueta (358) ... this wasn't even close.

Effort Equals Results

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2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread Empty Re: 2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread

Post by PackerMan71 on Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:42 pm

Well, it's certainly been a while since we've had one of these. Loving some of the award names, especially the pass of the year award for obvious reasons. Laughing

I'll probably have to rewatch the 2014 season again before making my picks, but I've got some free time this weekend, so I'll probably do that, then come back and make my picks.

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2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread Empty Re: 2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread

Post by RaceCamera on Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:38 pm

Worst Race of the Year: France
Reject of the Year: Maximus Racing
Golden Cabbage Award: Connor Freel @ British Columbia
Cabbage Patch Award: Azuma Kazeyama
Most Hated Driver: Azuma Kazeyama
Most Hated Team: Maximus Racing
Most Controversial Moment: Yamino Tenchi's disqualification in Sweden
Dan Clarke Award: Azuma Kazeyama
Steve Wallace Award: Brandon Lareau
King Hiro Award: Vijay Pushanda
Brian Barnhart Award: Eric Jackson penalty at New York
Felipe Massa Award: Jacob Kard
Danny Sullivan Award: Daniel Melrose
Narain Karthikeyan Award: Mathias Taube
Joey Logano Award: Hard to say...probably none
Kurt Busch Award: Ash Bridges
Austria '02 Award: Melanie Clevenot @ Decatur
Alessandro Zampedri Award: Victoria
Pigs in Space Award: Connor Freel wrecked Adrien Devereux at British Columbia
Nicki Minaj Award: I didn't pay attention to the music, so I don't have a pick
Colorblind Design Award: MaiaSoft cars

Best Race of the Year: Karjala Grand Prix
The Punch and Judy Award: Alessandro Rossini vs. Scott Bates and David Krikorian @ Karjala
J.R. Hildebrand Award: Yuliya Nosova @ Argentina
Al Unser, Jr. Award: Gaspar de Sousa @ England
Comeback of the Year: Scott Steudler
Roberto Moreno Award: Cameron Taylor
John Andretti Award: David Krikorian
Gary Bettenhausen Award: Scott Falkner
Delano Polesitter of the Year: David Krikorian
Driver of the Year: Adrien Devereux
Most Popular Driver: Adrien Devereux (Call me crazy for this)
Team of the Year: Hodges-Walter Racing
Most Popular Team: Hodges-Walter Racing
Stealth Bomber Award: ALERT
Alex Zanardi Pass of the Year: I can't really pick one...lost count
Rusport Award: Volpi
Van Der Garde Award: Ben Atkins
Sebastien Bourdais Award: Leonid Roderick at Ohio
James Hunt Award: Connor Freel at British Columbia
Uematsu-Klepacki Award: see Nicki Minaj Award
Michelangelo Award: Ian Cooper's 73 car or Matt Taylor's car
Regan Smith Award: David Krikorian
75 Dollar Seat Award: Can’t pick one
Best Murrayism: About Connor Freel in British Columbia
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2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread Empty Re: 2014 TMMC Fans Choice Awards Voting Thread

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