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Cape Cod International Raceway 2018 Empty Cape Cod International Raceway 2018

Post by Cynon on Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:06 pm

A long time ago, Brian Wallace created Cape Cod International Raceway, a technical 2.74 road course located in Massachusetts. The problem is that this track, while gorgeous, had some awkward elevation changes (particularly for human drivers), awkward curbs, a pitlane that didn't work well, a few textures that were dated or missing (like the ends of a few walls), and AI that left a lot to be desired. Over the last month or so I took a swing at cleaning this track up and making it much more suitable to online and offline racing.

As the F5 race a few weeks ago demonstrated, it's definitely worthy of online racing. The AI is a bit over-aggressive, but road course AI do admittedly take a lot longer to fine-tune than they do for an oval, especially with a slower track like this one. Most of the AI testing I did was with GNS physics, and I don't doubt I'll make more improvements to them over time. There are a few extra PTA setups included by three people that competed in the F5 event here, my race setup, Syzgzy's setup, and Wilhoit's setup.

I made use of paint grip for some of the runoff areas, and concrete grip for the inside line for some corners.


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