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League Carset Repository

Post by gone-sovereign on Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:58 pm

Since Haney has a thread for league standings going, and a bunch of old Master Cup carsets had been uploaded to the Discord server, I'm making this thread as a repository for carsets for the various leagues we host here.

TM Master Cup Series
2008 (PWF GNS Mod)
2009 (PWF GNS Mod)
2010 (PWF GNS Mod)
2011 (PWF GNS Mod) (Three-part download)
2012 (ASA90 Mod)
2013 (ASA90 Mod)
2014 (ASA90 Mod)

TM Lights
2012 (Cup90 Mod)

2011 (PWF GNS Mod)
2012 (DMR Outlaw GNS Mod) (Two-part download)
2016 (Mod download)

2012 (SRD NWS11 Mod) (Incomplete, individual carfile downloads)

Dash Cup
2012 (Sportsman Mod)

2012 (Mod download)

TMMC 2009 Rated (Default Cup Mod) (Uses my ratings package)
Various GOMA & Formula 5 Seasons (Various Mods) (Some missing cars)

Additionally, the 2011 Formula Overdrive carset was available on the old forum, but now yields a dead link.

Everything and anything that isn't here can be uploaded at the discretion of the league owners themselves, at which point I'll add them to this list. Inevitably, some of the carsets that aren't here may be lost.

Also using this as an opportunity to ask Cooper to upload old Formula 5 results if he has them pl0z kthx

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Re: League Carset Repository

Post by ongias25 on Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:18 am

Thank You so much for posting these. They are very well done cars and I really enjoy them Appreciate it!

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