2017 Dash Cup Super Stocks Season Chronicles - Part 5 of 5 (World Tour)

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2017 Dash Cup Super Stocks Season Chronicles - Part 5 of 5 (World Tour)

Post by bsoyuz on Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:25 pm

The Last 5 weekends of Dash Cup racing were dubbed the World Tour, as Dash Cup would head to Japan, Nilacor and United States to close the season.

Races 27, 28 and 29 - Weeb Pizza 150 @ Saitama Ken Race Track

A series of uneventful events plagued the weekend at Saitama, as Emi Satou won in what can be considered her Home Track, Amber Clagett won the second qualifier, while Brianna McDonough capitalized on mechanical failures by the leaders to win the feature race and bring home a perfect sweep for Team Kwik Fit.

Sprint 1 Winner: #02  - Emi Satou
Sprint 2 Winner: #20 - Brianna McDonough
Feature Winner:  #00 - Amber Clagett

Races 30, 31 and 32 - Dash Cup Zone 7 Challenge @ Gravis City

Dash Cup took to the streets of Nilacor's jewel of Gravis City for a series of wreckfests, in Sprint #1, Luc Pellerin took the pole and ran away as the field crashed and spun around the whole distance, while the same happened in Sprint #2 with Ben Atkins running away. The Feature Race was less eventful, havign once again by Emi Satou.

Sprint 1 Winner:  #13 - Luc Pellerin
Sprint 2 Winner:  #28 - Ben Atkins
Feature Winner:  #02 - Emi Satou

Races 33, 34 and 35 - Darlington Dash presented by Sharpie

A huge wreck on the first sprint took out Tom Delgado, eliminating him from the feature, and worse new for him, Super Rookie Mikhel Jakobsen, finished second in Sprint 2 and in the feature, expanding his championship lead over Delgado. Emi Satou won Sprint 2, ateempting to make a last ditch effort for the title, but it seems she is too far fom the leaders to have a chance.

Sprint 1 Winner:  #73 - Stjepan Svetadic
Sprint 2 Winner:  #02 - Emi Satou
Feature Winner:  #8 - Matilda Dillinger

Races 36, 37 and 38 - Monster Energy 150

Sprint 1 Winner:  #36  - Carla Rosinski
Sprint 2 Winner:  #37 - Thomas Prochazka
Feature Winner:  #26  - Carter Fitzgerald

Race 39 - Championship Finale: Dash Cup New York Grand Prix @ New York Autoring

Entering this championship finale, only two drivers are under contention, Super Rookie Mikhel Jakobsen leads by 79 points over Tom Delgado, Delgado needs a win, and a miracle on top of that to become champion.

90 Laps awaited an eager field of 40, but disaster struck on lap 3, as 7 cars got wiped out, amongst them was Mikhel Jakobsen and Tom Delgado, despite the damage, Delgado continued on, while Jakobsen was done for the night, by lap 25 another big wreck eliminated 20 cars, leaving only 15 cars in shape to fight for the win, however an incident with a lapped car on lap 62 eliminated even more cars, among them the leaders, no car left was undamaged, among the 16 cars remaining.

Tom Delgado was among those in the fight, and in a last lap pass, Tom Delgado would pull the miracle off and win at New York, and due to Jakobsen's early retirement, Delgado got enough points to become Champion of the 2017 Dash Cup Super Stock Series.

Race Winner and Series Champion:  #37  - Tom Delgado

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