Master Sport Motorsports to expand 1 car for FARC's 2018 season

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Master Sport Motorsports to expand 1 car for FARC's 2018 season

Post by UndyingLight on Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:09 am

Master Sport Motorsports to expand 1 car for FARC's 2018 season
Master Sport Motorsports, that team that you all hated because someone piloting the #53 car with complete and utter retardation is returning for FARC's 2018 season.

Currently, Master Sport Motorsports has had a decent season with their now #26 of Alexa Lake piloting for the rest of the season under her Binco contract which has been extended to 2020. She has so far had some good finishes with several top 5s and top 10s in her short stint. Although she hasn't had the best luck, she's still pushing past the animosity with a full head of steam.

Master Sport Motorsports plans to return and expand their inventory from two cars to three. Alexa Lake, the team's co-owner stated in a press release, "I have had a decent season and some very good qualifying records. Couple that with terrible reliability and skill, you get some interesting results. Whether you're in last place after an engine failure at Nightvale, or you're fighting for the win elsewhere, this team and I will simply do our best."

"We have gained traction rapidly after the termination of Waalwer from our team and our replacement being Mr. Maret, we've had far better luck and we are looking to push forward for next season. Henceforth, we will be adding an additional car to our team, raising our number from two, to three, although the details on that third car are not yet finalized."

Like stated before, Alexa Lake will return with her #26 CM Nova in 2018. However, some more information has been collected on the two other cars:

#26 - Alexa Lake - 24 - TBD - Binco/TBD - Jacksonville, FLA (full)
#77(?) - TBD - TBD - TBD - TBD - TBD (16-race)
#53 - Wes Maret - 55 - TBD - TBD - TBD, Ohio (16-race)

More details to come soon.

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