Ruiz Bros set to return next season

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Ruiz Bros set to return next season

Post by Groribe on Sun Jan 07, 2018 3:42 pm

Just hours after the Milwaukee mile race, Xavier Ruiz announced that he will return next season, hoping to run the full schedule instead of the 4 race attempt he was handed. Xavier went on to say that, his car will beat Timothy in every category. Thing is, he only qualified for 1 race and that's it. Reality Network has agreed to return for next season as his sponsor, but they are losing patience with his failure to qualify.

Over at the Timothy Ruiz camp, The day after his 3rd top 3 finish of the season, Polito's Pizza and Timothy Ruiz announced that both will return next season. Ruiz have shown great speed, nabbing a pole, several top 5 and top 10, and being a capable driver. Timothy is still somewhat young, just hitting 23 in a few days, but shown great potential and has a good sign for a possible future win. Politio's sponsorship is set to run through the 2019 season with a 3 year extension option should Ruiz perform to their liking. Timothy is hoping to be able to run full time next season. For now, both Ruiz are a wait and see.
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