2017 Dash Cup Super Stocks Season Chronicles - Part 4 of 5 (Spa Grand Prix)

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2017 Dash Cup Super Stocks Season Chronicles - Part 4 of 5 (Spa Grand Prix)

Post by bsoyuz on Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:56 am

Race 26 - The 19th Annual Dash Cup Spa Grand Prix

The Spa Grand Prix was the 10th stop for Dash Cup, the whole weekend had rain, as more than 100 cars attempted to make their way into the series most prestigious' event. many title contenders failed to qualify, including defending race winner Kellan Rogers-Ashby, this being the lowest point of her abismal season.

In the other end of the field, pole position was taken by Amber Clagett, this being the high point of her season so far, despite being consistently up in front, she has yet to win a single race.

WHen the green flag dropped, Clagget gave way to Ben Atkins, a man that has won this race before, in the meantime, controversy was brewing, from the start of the race, Patrick O'Hannagan, who started in 5th, sounded very altered in radio, speaking incongruent messages to his team, yet he was one of the fastest drivers on track, working his way onto 2nd, as Ryan Matthews took the race lead, however, as the race entered its halfway point, Hannagan got into the back of race leader Matthews, sending him off the track and into the La Source retaining wall. Matthews would be done for the day.

And due to the conditions, despite a 30 second time penalty, O'Hannagan had a 34 second lead over Ben Atkins, meaning he'd win the Spa Grand Prix in extremely controversial fashion, after wrecking two lapped on the way, following the Matthews incident. A visibly altered O'Hannagan celebrated on top of the podium.

Spa Grand Prix Winner: #05 - Patrick O'Hannagan

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