2017 Dash Cup Super Stocks Season Chronicles - Part 3 of 5 (Lausitz, Karjala, Vnukovo)

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2017 Dash Cup Super Stocks Season Chronicles - Part 3 of 5 (Lausitz, Karjala, Vnukovo)

Post by bsoyuz on Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:21 am

Races 17, 18 and 19 - Citra Squeeze Challenge

Dash Cup hit Germany for the 7th weekend of racing in 2017. It was an emotional afternoon, as the starter for the feature race was Ross Carter, who was paralyzed from the waist down following his crash in the same track one year ago. In the first sprint, Mauricio Gallardo would surprise the field by storming through the pack in order to win his first race in the series. The second sprint was dominated by Carla Rosinski in the TDR equipment.

However, the feature was where tears really flowed, as Luc Pellerin, who had won the sprint raced right after Carter's near-fatal wreck, would make a daring last turn pass over Tom Delgado in order to win the Feature race by 0.002, tying the closest Dash Cup result ever experienced at the EuroSpeedway, while Carter watched from the team's pitbox together with team owner Gabriel Macena.

This win vaults Pellerin back into championship contention after a sequence of mechanical failures dropped him down the championship standings.

Sprint 1 Winner: 6  - Mauricio Gallardo
Sprint 2 Winner: #36 - Carla Rosinski
Feature Winner:  #13 - Luc Pellerin

Races 20, 21 and 22 - Dash Cup @ Finland

The finnish woods of Karelia saw the Dash Cup machinery hit its sacred grounds once again. A trio of incredibly tame races followed, where Harriet Wallace would become the first driver to win two races in one weekend in 2017, taking Sprint 1 and thee Feature, while Rebecca Pellerin would take her first win in Dash Cup in only her 4th start of the year, as that car has been shared by her and team owner Gabriel Macena due to Rebecca's NAAC commitments.

Sprint 1 Winner: #08 - Harriet Wallace
Sprint 2 Winner:  #71 - Rebecca Pellerin
Feature Winner: #08 - Harriet Wallace

Races 22, 23 and 24 - Dash Cup @ Russia

The bumpy and winding grounds of the Vnukovo Airport of Moscow saw the stars and cars of Dash Cup hit themselves a lot, and occasionally do a pass or two. By far the biggest crashfest of the year occured here, as Casey Lester survived with no hood or front end to win his first Dash Cup race and the third win for Keep Up Grand Prix, who really seems to be "keeping up" with their competition as both Lester and Treedie have been consistently finishing races in the top 10.

After failing to finish all races she contested after France, Kellan Rogers-Ashby may have finally found luck, as she was one of the few undamaged cars in the second sprint and ran away with the Feature Race, despite her engine exploding 50 feet away from the finishing line, something tells you that this may not be the luckiest of season for Kellan.

Sprint 1 Winner: #59 - Casey Lester
Sprint 2 Winner: #90  - Kellan Rogers-Ashby
Feature Winner: #90  - Kellan Rogers-Ashby

Top 5 Standings after 24 Races and entering the Spa Grand Prix
1. Harriet Wallace
2. Tom Delgado
3. Casey Lester
4. Mikail Jakobsen
5. Kellan Rogers-Ashby

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