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Post by kensethfan on Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:28 pm

So if you know me, you know I like to keep shit archived. I also like to play around with NR by running AI races with old carsets from online series I've run in. That said, I've compiled a small archive of carsets from our old GOMA series, as well as past seasons of Formula 5. Here's a few of my rated carsets for whoever wants them.

GOMA Cup, Various Seasons
Gen6BR Mod

GOMA NTS, Various Seasons

GOMA Trucks, Season 2(?)
UK Pickup Trucks Mod

Tour de GOMA, Season 1

Formula 5, Season 14
DW12 Mod

Formula 5, Season 16
DW12 Mod

Formula 5, Season 17
DW12 Mod

EFR Short Oval Challenge
Muscle Car Late Models Mod

As stated, all of the above carsets have ratings, which reflect how each driver ran in each series. I did this by tabulating driver statistics from either exports or replays I have or race results that were available on RPM, putting them into my own personal ratings calculator, and applying them to each car. They're only semi-accurate though -- some of these drivers didn't run more than a few races in their respective series, so their ratings are somewhat screwy as a result. And besides that, for the ratings I calculated using results from old race replays I happen to have, for a long time I only saved replays from the races which I actually finished, so the ratings are somewhat biased towards me. However, if anyone has their own personal race replays or exports they can donate, I can use them to generate more accurate ratings.

Have fun! Pretty Colors!

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