Interdimensional Rift

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Interdimensional Rift

Post by Cynon on Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:53 pm

This is a track that was made in the span of three days that shows off one of the most unused features in NR2003 -- colored lights. I've used colored lights on other tracks I've made (Inferno Pool, the Gravis City tracks) but I decided I would showcase a full spectrum of lights here.

If you have fog enabled, this track has a treat for you in cloudy weather and a really unique Pit Lane 2 camera. Aside from that, this drives like an old-school short track that has similarities with New Hampshire, Martinsville, and Hickory. In addition, it holds a field of 47 cars without a problem. This track will always appear first in your track list, with the short name being "???".

If you want to edit this track to look more like a real track... be my guest.


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