Lowe Dollar Series: Performance Boosts

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Lowe Dollar Series: Performance Boosts

Post by Ceej on Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:57 am

Hooray for arbitrary mid-season changes!

This is an idea that I've been thinking of for 2018, but I figured I could implement it now.

At certain points in the season, drivers and teams will be rewarded for their performance with small boosts to their ratings. The purpose of this is to establish the season's front-runners in a more realistic way, making the races slightly less like crap-shoots.

The ratings classes will remain in place, with the bonuses being added to the driver and team's base ratings. These bonuses will carry all the way to the end of the season.

Drivers and teams will be rewarded for the following:

Race Win = 3 Ratings Points
Top 5 = 2 Points
Top 10 & Pole Position = 1 Point

All total boosts for the season will be capped at 20 points for both drivers and teams.

Performance boosts will be awarded after the following races:

Race 8: Duluth
Race 12: 70/77
Race 16: Milwaukee
Race 20: Meadowdale
Race 23: Salem

Multi-car teams will have each of their cars (including the crapmobiles) equally boosted for the team's best result in each race. For example, if one car finishes in the top 5 while another finishes in the top 10, that team will be boosted for the top 5 finish only, but all of their cars will receive that boost.

All drivers and teams that haven't performed well enough may also be awarded boosts in the lottery drawings that I will hold after each of the aforementioned races. Two drivers and two teams who don't already have boosts will be randomly awarded one point each.

Also, 25 Rockford 200 one-off entries will receive a 5-point boost before that race is held; 5 will be selected by me, and the remaining 20 will be awarded in another lottery drawing.

Keep track of the performance boosts HERE.

I reserve the right to modify or eliminate this gimmick if I don't like the results.

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