2016 PCC Europe: Race 2: Latvia

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2016 PCC Europe: Race 2: Latvia

Post by Syzygy on Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:15 am

Press Releases:

Schmidt Takes First Career PCC Europe Victory

BIKERNIEKI, Latvia (April 24, 2016) -- Jan Schmidt didn't have the best qualifying effort to start off his day, but he certainly had one of the best cars. Schmidt took the lead for the final time after Grigoriy Novakovsky made a pit stop on lap 32 and never looked back, winning by over thirty-five seconds over the aforementioned Novakovsky in the series' first trip to Latvia. With this win, Schmidt takes over the PCC Europe points standings by ten points over Novakovsky, with Klara Kindahl in third, twenty-seven points behind.

Schmidt qualified fourth and got a good jump on the series' first-ever standing start, vaulting himself to third by the end of the first lap. Third turned into second at the end of lap three when Klara Kindahl, challenging RUS Autosport's Leonid Chernov for the top spot, slapped the wall and surrendered the position to Schmidt. The #27 Altoros Systems Gessler quickly caught Chernov, and on lap seven, took the lead for the first time. Schmidt held the lead until lap twenty-five, when he made his only pit stop of the day and surrendered the lead to teammate Kristoffer Laaksonen, who opted to stay out an extra lap. After pit stops, Schmidt cycled to fifth, behind Novakovsky, who had pit earlier in the race to repair side damage, and four other cars who were planning on extending their fuel mileage. After these four cars pit and Novakovsky had to pit for fuel, Jan Schmidt never looked back and sailed on to his first win.

Jan Schmidt's teammate Kristoffer Laaksonen qualified fifth, and was quick to follow Schmidt through the field. Laaksonen ran second during most of the first stint, and stayed out to lead an additional four laps after Schmidt made his only stop on lap twenty-five. Four laps after Laaksonen pit, he developed a fuel pump issue and would pull into the pits, retiring the car. He would finish thirty-second.

RUS Autosport Experiences Reliability, Driver Issues

It was an eventful races for the RUS Autosport bunch, and not in a good way. After locking up the top three in qualifying on Saturday, only one of their cars, the #66 LukOil Lada of Grigoriy Novakovsky finished in the points, and even he had his issues along the way.

The race did get off to a good start for the team, as off the start Leonid Chernov got the jump on his teammates and took the lead. Novakovsky and Izaak Kowalczyk slipped back to fifth and sixth respectively, behind the #2 DataDyne Saturn of Klara Kindahl and the two Altoros Gessler GP cars. Chernov was passed for the lead by Schmidt on lap seven and fell back to third, and after the early pit stops by Kindahl and Novakovsky to repair side damage after slapping the walls Kowalczyk was promoted to fourth. The two would stay in these positions until lap seventeen. Entering the Esses on that lap, Kowalczyk made an ambitious move to the inside of Chernov, but Chernov closed the door and the two made contact. Both cars were sent into the inside wall and Kowalczyk ricocheted back into the outside wall, necessitating a pit stop for the 16 team. Chernov stayed out and would continue to run in third place.

After pitting, Kowalczyk fell a lap down and into the clutches of the Master Sport cars of Ambleton and Scurrel. In what would become a normal appearance for the Master Sport team this week, Scurrel hooked Kowalczyk into the inside wall entering the Esses and did additional damage to the 16 car, causing him to fall further behind in the pits getting repaired. An additional pit stop would follow for the 16 car on lap 23 after he developed a puncture, setting him three laps adrift of the leader.

Chernov would pit as normal on lap 25, but the crew opted to repair the damage and took costly seconds, relegating the 61 car to 17th place after pit stops. Chernov would follow his teammate Novakovsky, whom he came out of the pits directly behind, all the way up to 5th place by lap 39. At the start of the lap, Chernov blew a left front tire and pulled the car off to the side of the track, losing several laps getting the car back to the pits. After falling to three laps down by lap 52, Chernov would end his race after getting into David Hetzel in exactly the same manner that Kowalczyk got into him, but Chernov would spear the outside wall and get stuck in it, ending his day.

Novakovsky worked his way back up into podium contention, passing Lev Zarapin for second place on the final lap. Kowalczyk would finish 28th, 4 laps down, as the last car running, while Chernov would retire five laps from the finish, finishing 29th. There is no word on any penalties assessed to the team at this time, if any.

Russian Bears Brings Home Maiden Podium

What a way to avenge a Uralring DNQ. Lev Zarapin finished third at the Bikernieki Circuit in the #99 Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant Katzev KE02 today, and Lyovkin finished fourth in the #96, capping off the best performance for Russian Bears Motorsports ever.

Lyovkin started a surprising sixth, while Zarapin began the race in eleventh. By lap ten, the two drivers had swapped positions, with Lyovkin drifting back to ninth, with Zarapin running a solid seventh. Zarapin and Lyovkin both were saving fuel, and as a result were able to stay out longer than other drivers. This allowed Zarapin to take the lead on lap 28 after Kristoffer Laaksonen brought the #1 Altoros Gessler into the pits, resulting in the first laps ever led by a Russian Bears car in PCC Europe competition. Zarapin led three laps, then brought his car into the pits for service, cycling out in a shocking second place with Lyovkin fourth! A suspension failure on the #11 Rolls-Royce of JP Beaufort would promote the #96 to third. Both drivers would stay in those positions for a number of laps, and it looked like a double podium was possible for the Russian Bears team, but a resurgent Novakovsky passed Lyovkin first on lap 41, then Zarapin on the final lap.

Third driver Nicholas Marchankov qualified 29th and worked his way up to 22nd before being caught up in an accident on lap 12 caused by Vivaldi Wehrst and Alexey Motov. The damage would be too much to repair and he would retire from the race, finishing 37th.

With these finishes, Zarapin vaults up to 6th in the standings on 45 points, in front of Lyovkin, who sits on 41 points in 7th place. After Estonia the team plans to return for the Round of Hungary, but additional sponsorship could change these plans.

Mixed Bag of Results for Latvian Locals

A record three Latvian drivers took the start for the PCC Europe Round of Latvia today, but not all of them had the results they were hoping for at the end of the day. Let's go through them all, in order of starting position:

Ricards Lipsbergs

The most impressive of the three drivers this weekend, Ricards Lipsbergs, driving for Giampaolo Fini's operation, turned heads after putting his car sixth in Q1, but could only manage 16th in Q2. On the start he fell back to 19th, but got his feet under him and worked his way up to the top-10 by lap 20. Unfortunately for him, he would be involved in an accident between Katyen Scurrel, Izaak Kowalczyk, and Mihkel Jakobsen. Lipsbergs tried to go to the right around the accident, but ended up rear-ending Jakobsen. This broke the radiator and punched up the hood on the #59 Double Coffee Tutino, putting him out of the race. He would finish 34th.

Ervins Ozolins

For this race, Smirnov Racing opted to field a second car for Ervins Ozolins, a local Rallyer. Ozolins put the car 15th in Q1 and 19th in Q2, but seemed to struggle with the track early on, slapping the right-side of the car against the wall in the Esses and losing a number of positions. Ozolins would pit on lap 9 to repair the damage, then again on lap 23 to make his fuel last to the finish. Despite dropping back to 32nd after his second pit stop, he would work his way slowly and methodically through the field to finish 20th, taking home the last points position.

Ludvigs Krumins

Krumins actually did it! In his third PCC Europe attempt (DNQs Sweden 2014, Portugal 2014), Ludvigs Krumins managed to put his #468 Baltic Coal Terminal Kosovet on the grid in 38th place for his home race. With the feat of surviving qualifying over, next came surviving the race. Krumins got off to a decent start, finding himself competing early on with AJ Canton and Alexa Lake in the back, but he managed to pull an expert avoidance on an accident between Phillip Benoit-Hogan and Sal Torregrossa early on, splitting between the wrecked cars of Haas and Torregrossa like a veteran. This would be the only close call in Krumins' race, as he managed to keep his nose clean and gain experience inthe process. After pit stops cycled out, Krumins found himself in the final points position for a number of laps, but with only 8 laps to go Paavo Tamberg passed Krumins for the final points-paying position. Krumins would finish 21st, one spot out of a point in his first start.

Master Sport Wreaks Havoc on Paddock

This video explains everything about their race.

Race Results:
1 4 27 J Schmidt 111.740 54 40* 185 Running
2 1 66 G Novakovsky -35.66 54 1 175 Running
3 11 99 L Zarapin -36.24 54 3 170 Running
4 7 96 P Lyovkin -39.93 54 0 160 Running
5 14 47 I Ambleton -44.45 54 0 155 Running
6 35 44 S Buchanan -48.96 54 0 150 Running
7 6 2 K Kindahl -58.46 54 0 146 Running
8 13 76 K Mallory -58.89 54 0 142 Running
9 23 98 D O'Hara -1:05.28 54 0 138 Running
10 24 34 H Ventola -1:09.96 54 0 134 Running
11 20 713 S Winslol -1:11.48 54 0 130 Running
12 17 18 G Fini -1L 53 0 127 Running
13 33 42 G Balducci -1L 53 0 124 Running
14 22 33 A Magnussen -1L 53 0 121 Running
15 31 77 A Kostopoulos -1L 53 0 118 Running
16 27 79 R Kousaka -1L 53 0 115 Running
17 37 09 AJ Canton -1L 53 0 112 Running
18 10 78 D Hetzel -1L 53 0 109 Running
19 32 5 P Tamberg -1L 53 0 106 Running
20 19 910 E Ozolins -1L 53 0 103 Running
21 38 468 L Krumins -1L 53 0 100 Running
22 8 15 M Jakobsen -1L 53 0 97 Running
23 30 81 V Winslol -1L 53 0 94 Running
24 34 31 A Misko -1L 53 0 91 Running
25 21 36 V Werhst -1L 53 0 88 Running
26 40 63 J Bracchi -2L 52 0 85 Running
27 15 25 D Chaiter -2L 52 0 82 Running
28 3 16 I Kowalczyk -4L 50 0 79 Running
29 2 61 L Chernov -5L 49 6 81 Accident
30 26 644 M Winslol -6L 48 0 73 Retired
31 9 11 J Beaufort -18L 36 0 70 Retired
32 5 1 K Laaksonen -23L 31 4 72 Fuel Leak
33 39 26 A Lake -24L 30 0 64 Piston
34 16 59 R Lipsbergs -34L 20 0 61 Accident
35 12 23 K Scurrel -34L 20 0 58 Accident
36 18 109 A Motov -43L 11 0 55 Accident
37 29 90 N Marchankov -44L 10 0 52 Accident
38 25 01 P Benoit-Hogan -51L 3 0 49 Accident
39 28 43 S Torregrossa -51L 3 0 46 Accident
40 36 10 M Haas -51L 3 0 43 Accident

Driver's Points

NR2003 Online Wins: 7 (Most Recent: SOC @ Minnesota State Fairgrounds 12/6/2018)
NR2003 Online Poles: 6 (Most Recent: SOC @ Minnesota State Fairgrounds 12/6/2018)
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Re: 2016 PCC Europe: Race 2: Latvia

Post by Mother of Invention on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:41 am

Haas out at Musora|

On lap 3 German Manfred Haas plowed into the back of a stricken car, but while it looked a failure of the driver, it wasn't. Haas had no brakes and the young German had no control. Haas later made a statement he left the #10 car. In a scathing press release he called the 10 team inept and aloof and full of buffoons. The #10 has responded by calling the young German a "Nazi". Haas has reportedly found a new team and will reportedly be teamed up with the Karin factory team that races Touring Cars in Europe and Asia. The #10 team has reportedly signed a driver with afro wearing Quadruple Amputee Daryl Lorenz driving the #10.

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Re: 2016 PCC Europe: Race 2: Latvia

Post by Electric Wolf on Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:00 pm

Fini: Good day for the team. Glad to pick up the points for our team and give the fans hopefully a good show.

Misko: Not good car today. We at least finish, but run well was not what we were able to do. Onto next race.

Lipsbergs: Glad I got the chance to drive at home. Thank you to Scuderia Gianunzio and it was a shame we got a wreck, but I think I may be back later [in the season]. We had fast car today.
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Re: 2016 PCC Europe: Race 2: Latvia

Post by UndyingLight on Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:47 pm

Master Sport Owner Alexa Lake displeased with her team, herself, and the 'Australian' Division in Latvia.

As according to many from the paddock, Master Sport's showing at Latvia was an utter wreck. Many cars were wrecked and/or taken out by one or the other driver in the team. The team of five, including the Australian/Italian division seemed as if they were chipped with a device allowing them to go nuts. The biggest offender to this chaos is the #36 of Vivaldi Werhst, the 21 year old Italian Rookie.

The #36 car caused a number of crashes, some of which resulted in a retirement or fault within the actions he [Werhst] took. After the race, Werhst was called directly to the hauler, with Katyen Scurrel for her hooking of the #59(?) car sending herself out of the race.

With that being said, officials within the hauler deemed Vivaldi Werhst a $500 fine, and a potential two-race ban after the Spanish Grand Prix. Officials were leniant and wanted to give him a 'referendum' for the next race to try and redeem himself. If he can, he will only receive the fine; but if not, he receives the ban as well. The other wreck-a-chotic, Katyen Scurrel, was only given a warning for her actions.

Two others, Alexa Lake, and Derrike Chaiter brought the wrath upon themselves when they either A) crashed themselves out of contention or B) blew an engine so as the officials saw no need to punish them.

There was one of only five cars in the Master Sport divisions that did not cause a wreck or wreck themselves out. Ingrid Ambleton would stay the cleanest of the five and claim fifth.

"I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all those my team and/or I affected. Our race at Latvia was most incompetent, and we can be far better than this. I apologize to all for our actions and wreckings of those within the race. - I huddled down with my team and gave them a warning about their actions and gave [Vivaldi] Werhst a fine. I am willing to let those affected have a bit of money to pay for their losses, should they accept it. Again, to all affected, I am so sorry for the issues I caused, and the accidents my comrades accomplished. We will do better next week." Lake stated in a press release after the race.

"More information will be held after the next Grand Prix finishes. We'll see you then, and hopefully this time, not wrecking you out of the race." She stated before going to her hauler.
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Re: 2016 PCC Europe: Race 2: Latvia

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