Trackside Objects, Textures & Stuff

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Trackside Objects, Textures & Stuff

Post by Cynon on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:54 pm

Use these at your leisure.

Fire -- A fire effect from Age of Wonders. It has 26 frames and you'll need to set the animation in Sandbox.

Custom Barrels (look in front of the trucks)
Deus Ex Oil Barrels -- Comes with templates to make your barrels with your own logos on them. (You should probably make logos 75% of their actual width on the sides of the barrels.) Replace the textures on an existing barrel in 3dsimed. The original textures came from Deus Ex. The actual barrel models themselves (thankfully) did not. These appear on Gravis City: Industrial Zone 11.

Halflife Textures for NR Tracks -- A bunch of textures from Half Life that could be used on an NR track.

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