Abbotsford Speedway

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Abbotsford Speedway

Post by Cynon on Mon May 01, 2017 1:54 am

This is a 0.555 mile oval that I found on my hard drive under the name Shade Tree Speedway. It apparently went under the name AMRL Raceway prior, but I seriously doubt it was used for either league it was intended for (I ran almost every Shade Tree race but ran only once or twice in AMRL) since the pace car didn't work and there were no AI at all.

Time to fix it! No idea who originally made it or how I even got the track. Renamed the track after a town near Wausau, Wisconsin. It has 10-12 degrees of banking around the whole track and it presently holds 46 cars comfortably. A few pitlane issues I'm still working through.

Track still needs to be decorated, and the AI average around 14 cautions for a 500 lap race (I don't watch those races all the way through, just look at the results) for a full field.

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