Generic Pitcrews

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Generic Pitcrews

Post by Cynon on Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:50 pm

Too lazy to make a pitcrew?

Use these. I'm pretty sure all of the ones I included were ones I made myself. If I mistakenly added one I didn't make, I'll fix that problem. They're generic-ish pitcrews with the number on the pitboard and that's it.

Throw them into your exports_imports folder. Files that start with the letter Y have a number after them, indicating the car number they're for. Files like Y94 and Y94b are both for car 94. Every number from 0-99 and 00-09 has at least one pitcrew for it. YQuiggles is the pitcrew I used for Ebenezer Quiggles, Jr. and Marcos Leonard, and has ?! on the pitboard.

The ones starting with the letter Z are for specific sponsors (or are specific colors) and have no number on the pitboard.

If you use these and don't credit me... I'm going to be so angry and pissed that I'll do absolutely nothing and go back to my regularly scheduled day. Razz

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Re: Generic Pitcrews

Post by andyp95 on Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:13 pm

Yes. Thank you for sharing these. I'm not lazy all the time,but I pick my spots. Smile

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