Autodromo Nestor Nunes Open Beta

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Autodromo Nestor Nunes Open Beta

Post by Cynon on Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:48 pm

So, on a whim, I made a new track for the TM Master Cup race in Argentina, based off the default Bristol. It's called the Autodromo Nestor Nunes, set in a random town near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This track is now an open beta! Very Happy


* Flagman reluctant to throw yellows for cars off course out of harm's way.
* Zero banking.
* Track is 25 meters wide at its narrowest point, which leaves open many more racing lines than you might suspect -- especially online!
* A lot of setups. I mean, a LOT of setups, because I had no idea what would work here and what wouldn't.
* Restart box denoted by green cones.
* Start/Finish line is closer to turn 1 than turn 4.
* Supports 47 cars (46 car "exploit" plus 1 player car).
* Spectator camera behaves like a 3rd TV camera.
* Lots of trackside objects, including 3d tire walls from John Norton​ that I straightened and some hills and rocks by Nobiax.
* Special flagman outfits. Very Happy
* Asphalt and concrete textures from Half-Life 2, the same paint textures I used on Gravis City, and a new grass texture. Steal at will.

Changed the paint to blue to be similar to the Argentinian flag. The AI is a bit sketchy for CTS and PTA at the moment, it was made for GNS. Some of the pit stalls in the middle of 3 and 4 are a little close together but I haven't seen any serious issues with them yet.

This was tested online with PTA physics. Special thanks to all of the Formula 5 competitors who helped test this track, both the skilled drivers who tried to make every line work, and those drivers of ... less skill that helped test when the flagman does and doesn't throw yellows (seriously).

Known Issues:
* CTS and PTA AI sections in the track.ini are unfinished.
* AI is a bit -too- passive in the pitlane. file/3a339ogxfkgq9c3/cynon_argentina.rar


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Re: Autodromo Nestor Nunes Open Beta

Post by zfitzwater599 on Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:15 am

Nice track. I love it
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Re: Autodromo Nestor Nunes Open Beta

Post by TPGRacing75 on Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:38 pm

That is a unique track idea Cynon, Looks good, might have to use it for one of my offline series.
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