2017 Championship Auto Racing Series cars

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2017 Championship Auto Racing Series cars

Post by Mother of Invention on Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:41 pm

So wayback in 2009 I ran a league called the Championship Auto Racing Series or C.A.R.S. To say I stumbled through it was an understatement, so six years later and I thought.....ehhhhh I should revive it. After talking with Cynon I decided to do just that. There will be a thread in a bit for sign-ups but I thought you may enjoy a teaser.

#2 Todd Fields (Sparks, NV) - All Pro Auto Parts Nemoto / Deka Batteries Nemoto (CARS WEST)

One of the best drivers the CARS ever had come east, this Nevada native and 2009 champion moved to the newly formed West Series in 2011, there he won two additional championships.

#5 Kevin Darte (Toledo,OH) Kava Java Coffee - Vienna Coffeehouses Inglesby (CARS EAST)

Master Cup has the Dwyers, FARC/ARLA has the Pearsons and the Johaanes, CARS has the Dartes. Kevin is the younger son of multi-time champion Keith Darte. Like his older brother Bobby, he has multiple championships and also like his brother he races the Black #5 Inglesby his dad made famous.

#60 Max Shepwell (Cardiff, Wales) Millbee60 Sportswear / Sun & Moon Stores - Alola Island Tourism Inglesby (CARS EAST)


The Darte's decided n 2017 to add a second full time car in 2017. They picked up a promising young open-wheel star named Max Sheepwell. Sheepwell has had the talent to go places but money has been holding him. back. he did bring some funding tot his ride in the form of Millbee60 Sportswear.

#15 Bobby Darte (Toledo, OH) Meijer Inglesby (CARS EAST)


Bobby is the (much) older brother of Kevin Darte and a former champion in the late 90s. Like Kevin he also ran the #5 but in 07 he retired from fulltime to be with his family more and now races the #15 in a handful of events.

#221 Owen Looper (Destin, FL) St Joe Bay Oil - Nitrolube - ATL Fuel Cells Inglesby (CARS EAST)

Looper is a part timer who races mainly in the Florida / Georgia area. His best finish was in 2015 when he finished 12th at Daytona.
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