Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

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Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

Post by UndyingLight on Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:16 am

This is the thread where you will find the story line/press releases for the various teams I own. Currently, there's a main team that everybody evidently knows about because for some reason, I had the urge to put them in nearly every series I was accepted, yeah, Master Sports Motorsports is the main team. Team Spencer and M&M Crew are side teams for smaller series. (In this case, BAAR Super Pro)

Master Sport Motorsports - Tiered Divisions and Drivers
Master Sport - Master Sport is a tiered team that runs in several grass-root series, even up to the most world renound series you can find. Each driver has a certain talent, and usually, that talent is being good at racing. However, there are exceptions to that (cough cough, Waalwer cough) do not provide great results and they are terminated from a contract if need be. Not necessarily kicked out of the team. Master Sport started in 1991 by a guy named Charlie Lake out of Jacksonville, Florida. Known for his prowess in various series, he was able to rack up enough funds to start out a plan. That plan was to run a development team which could provide some serious contenders. Little did Charlie know, that two years later, his first child would be born and she would start a revolution in this team's bid for supremacy, so to speak.

(Keep note, this next part about tiers was made up and does not exactly follow the plan that I already set in place, such as some series should have the grass-root tier, while others should have higher tiers)

Pro - This is the lowest tier of the three rung ladder in the Master Sport Motorsports team. Every driver who wants a part of this group of drivers starts at the 'Pro' tier, which is essentially the 'development' realm of possibility. Pro teams are usually found in small, grass-root series with fewer than 35 drivers which helps the driver(s) grow in development. Once they have shown enough progress, they move up to tier two, or 'Master Sport Racing.' The acronymed version of this tier is MSP.

Racing - This is the second, more advanced tier of Master Sport. This tier boasts higher/better drivers that have potential to take a win, or fight for a possible championship. While not supposedly hard to reach this tier, most drivers who reach this level stay there for years until they either quit or move up to the final rung into the 'Motorsports' tier. The acronymed version of this tier is MSR.

Motorsports - We have come to the final tier of the three rung ladder in the Master Sport development company. This tier is the hardest to get to, and it is often a downer for most tier twos to surpass the challenge. Usually, to make this tier, you have to show great prowess and skill at racing in nearly any form. Some who walk amidst Tier one members always ask them for tips on how they improved so vastly to make this illusive tier. To which, most say, is "skill." It only takes skill to make Tier one, but that skill is far advanced than some realize. The acronymed version of this tier is MSM.


Alexia Charla Lake - FARC
Known for her prowess at a very young age, and being the first born child of legend, Charlie Lake, Alexia, or Alexa by preferred name choice has slowly made her way into the top series, more specifically, FARC. Only being 24, her rookie status in FARC has already outshined some veteran drivers with her consistent finishes, whenever her engine does not blow out. More known for a Southern sass and uncanny sweet, ya best watch out; she's coming for you!

Starts: 6 Finishes: 4 Wins: DNQ: 0 DNF: 3 Top 5s: 2 Top 10s: 3 Best Qualification: 4th (2) Best Finish: 3rd

Derrike Eliam Chaiter - TMMC
Derrike Chaiter, (Shaiye-tear) a 26 year old Australian road ringer from just outside Brisbane, Australia, originally, as a child had no interest in watching or partaking in any form of racing. However, after going to a V8 Supercars race in Adelaide at the ripe old age of 9 and a half, according to Chaiter, he has been enthralled with the sport and has wanted to race in that specific series ever since. Now, Chaiter is 26 years old and has a four year old son from his late wife, Katheryn. He currently races part-time as a replacement driver for the #19 Delgado-DeGarmo team in TMMC. He is also now engaged with Alexa Lake.

Starts: 4 Finishes: 3 Wins: 0 DNQ: 0 DNF: 1(?) Top 5s: 0 Top 10s: 1 Best Qualification: Best Finish:

Katyen Scurrel - NAAC
Katyen Scurrel (Kaht-yhen - Skurr-rell) is a 23 year old race car driver out of Brno, Czech Republic. Often considered brash and rude, there are few who know that inside, she's sweet and charming. You only have to get used to her outer shell! Katyen Scurrel has begun a 16-race stint in NAAC and did not qualify for the 2018 season opener.

Starts: 0 Finishes: 0 Wins: DNQ: 1 DNF: 0 Top 5s: 0 Top 10s: 0 Best Qualification: - Best Finish: -

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Re: Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

Post by UndyingLight on Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:15 pm

Derrike Chaiter named to replace Tom Moore in the 19 car for TM Master Cup
Yes, Derrike Chaiter has been named to replace Tom Moore. Derrike Chaiter has an incredible chance to go out and strut his stuff! Derrike Chaiter happened to be recording a video for YouTube when he got the call. He decided to leave his reaction in. It was hilarious.

Later that day, interviewers asked how he felt and he responded firmly, "I now have my chance to grasp what I have been dreaming about since I was a young lad. If I have to push my car to the very brink of disaster, I will. I am SO excited!"

"I won't throw away my chance! Not a chance!" He stated

Will we see more of Chaiter in the future?
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Re: Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

Post by UndyingLight on Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:21 am

Breggium Antutonnen, team owner of the Master Sport Teams to replace Chaiter after the recent announcement of DeGarmo-Delgado Enterprises
Breggium Antutonnen, who turned 61 today, announced randomly after the big announcement about Chaiter being moved to TMMC's DeGarmo-Delgado Enterprises. This is a huge deal as Breggium Antutonnen, of Switzerland owns the Master Sport teams.

When asked why he would state this he replied casually, "Nay says an elderly man can't race? These youngsters best clear out!"

Cedrik Reye Waalwer, (of Russia/Scotland) age 23, and Wes Maret, (of England) age 54 have been tabbed to take some of the races.
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Re: Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

Post by UndyingLight on Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:47 pm

TMMC - Brazil:

Derrike Chaiter pleased with his 23rd place finish. "Man, it was pretty damn fun out there. I had a slower car and had mech issues, but it was fun."

"I'm pretty surprised I finished 23rd because I was involved amongst the massive crash in turn 3."

"I'm looking to maybe upgrade the engines in the Delgado-DeGarmo cars, because, they're slow."

"I'll have to see what they think."

TMMC - Argentina:
Derrike Chaiter, after coming out of his burnt out Lycoia stated "I'd really love a chance to drive a fast car."

He continued to ramble on and included a peculiar statement. "Maybe I can make some sort of deal with [Tom] Delgado and upgrade the engine in this Lycoia."

Chaiter had a pretty good race until an unnoticed tire failure took him two laps down and down to 39th. He'd be able to climb back to 33rd. Three places out from his qualifying position.

He stated as he left the track, calmly. "Damn me. I should have waited on the bid for racing hard. Me tires left me car. Damn."

[Derrike] Chaiter is hoping that Tom Delago and the team he is with will be good to make a deal.

FARC - 2017 Smash Beer Get Smashed Qualifiying results

Master Sport Motorsports' two cars both qualify, albiet, under wildcards.

Alexa Lake in one of her four starts, qualified 10th. While the owner of Master Sport Motorsports, after having a mechanical issue of the tire kind, failed to qualify.

He managed to claim the fourth wildcard spot to his uttermost surprise. The Swiss driver claimed that his left rear tire began to go flat on his first timed lap. This issue caused his second lap to be waved off after the tire exploded out of turn two. No damage sustained to the car. His first lap qualifying time was three seconds out of the entire pack.

That being said, he was grateful that the lords of FARC had decided to grant the 61 year old Swiss driver a second chance.
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Re: Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

Post by UndyingLight on Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:02 pm

It has been a long time since a post has come on this, so, to start, I am going to post about all of the stuff which happened in FARC. Yes, there are going to be spoilers.

Master Sport Racing shaping up for a midpack year
After a long off-season, Master Sport Racing drivers, Cedrik Reye Waalwer, Breggium Antutonnen, the team owner, and Alexa Lake drove several hundreds of miles with several CM Novas on their flatbed truck and tested a couple days prior to practice and qualification at Texas World.

The team, which is primarily a rookie team, is in the hopes for a great season with one promising rookie, a veteran, and a potential champion. Though not entirely rookie, Alexa Lake did start two races last year, and is making her return for four races this year in her #26 Binco CM Nova, while her teammates, who are sharing the #53 car either sponsored by Strickland Propane, or Trans-Fender, the two will duel it out in a duo car championship bid.

Alexa Lake, after being crashed out last year at Watkins Glen, which ended the race, decided not to go for Saar Carolina's this bout. Lake, who is the co-owner of Master Sport Racing [and to an extent, Motorsports] discussed back and forth with owner, Antutonnen on manufacturer. With Lake's generally good bid with Calton-Morel, and the tests during off season, the team went for Calton-Morel rather than Saar Carolina, which was their back-burner pick.

Tests during pre-practice at Texas World showed that Alexa Lake was rather quick in her CM Nova, while both of her team mates seemed to be rather slow. Though, they only had a half hour test of that.

Practice and eventual qualifying later that week showed more promise in the likes of Alexa Lake, and much less with Breggium Antutonnen at the wheel. After Breggium Antutonnen originally spun on his first timed lap, he could not recover to a proper speed fast enough, so his second lap was 4.04 seconds down on last place. Alexa Lake, however, fared far better and set a blistering pace and qualified 10th. Partly unsurprising to Lake, at least, after she qualified fourth last year at Watkins Glen, stunning the field for a rookie start in a stiff field of competition.

Luckily for the rookie Breggium Antutonnen, he happened to be the fourth and final wildcard pick and would start from P42.

Come race day, both Lake and Antutonnen expressed slight concern that tyres may give out on them after happy hour the day before sent Antutonnen into the wall with a blown tyre, and Lake to the pits with a cut tyre. Green flag would fly, and it was immediatly apparent that Alexa Lake was fast....and Antutonnen was in the middle, perhaps.

Around the halfway point, Lake would continue to be in the lead group of cars fighting for first, and on to seventh. However, Antutonnen would receive a cut tyre and come to pit and lose a lap. After which, the spread of the field would see Antutonnen become two laps down, and slowly fading would be his car and he would end up in 20th. A decent showing, from the Swedish olde.

During the final laps, Alexa Lake began to make a charge and would quickly come to the front once more after a relatively slow pit stop would see Alexa Lake in the latter part of the top ten. With laps winding down fast, Lake used everything she had and lost a bit of her engine power and would fall from fourth to sixth in the final two laps. A great finish, and what was generally expected of Alexa Lake would prevail again.

Christline 66.6 Montgomery Twin 66s
Cedrik Reye Waalwer would make an appearance in his #53 Trans-Fender CM Nova. Practice and qualifying would prove dull as Waalwer appeared rather slow in his Nova. Though, Antutonnen still expressed some faith in him thinking that the crew had not changed Waalwer's worn tyres from practice, thus making his overall qualifying efforts nullified. He would qualify sixteenth.

Race day would provide some rather poorly showings from Waalwer. It was quickly apparent that the twenty-three year old rookie had no idea what he was doing. First off, he was lapped in the first twenty laps of the race, and then actively blocking leaders to the point where he was turned, and then would plow into the back of the field come cool down lap for the yellow [iirc].

It would not end there, it seemed as if Waalwer was dazed, and he drove around the track a few times in a badly damaged car and quickly was called to the hauler. He would finish last. How Breggium Antutonnen had anything nice to say is beyond me.

Peach State 100
Morale continues to be low as Waalwer continues to be brutally slow in practice, and even slower in qualifying, claiming 33rd of 36 positions. Come race day, as stereotyped, the #53 was indeed again slow, but was worse when Waalwer seemed to be involved in the better half of every caution.

With a beaten and battered car, Waalwer chose to stay on track despite strict warnings from race control to retire after spewing some oil, and blocking seemingly everyone on track. However, the torn up car missing a hood driven by an idiot prevailed and Waalwer finished 23rd. Yay for strong American metal!

Antutonnen, after another fail of a showing from Waalwer, was still a bit forgiving. Though, with constant nudges from fans and even other paddock members and race control, Antutonnen said that there might be a driver change at hand.

Prismriver 100
Though Waalwer was not signed up for Nashville's Prismriver 100, he showed very little faith and no skill whatsoever. In a press release from the team's "owner" Oliver Lapertinum, it was said that Waalwer had been fired. Here is that post for those who have yet to see:
"Big news shakes the MSR paddock
After much controversy of the driving of the #53's Cedrik Waalwer, a 21 year old rookie in the FARC series, Waalwer's hopes of stardom have been dashed. His contract with Master Sport Motorsports - Racing has ended abruptly after Waalwer showed little skill, and lacked the patience or wisdom to not be angry all day long.

Oliver Lapertinum, the owner for the #53 car stated in a press release "-We've got the unfortunate task of terminating Cedrik Waalwer's contract with our team after he failed to finish races, wrecked left and right, and generally was rude to all in our paddock. - We at race quarters were ridiculed for terrible driving and had many complaints sent our way about the driving of Waalwer. We as a whole decided to warn Waalwer about his possibility of losing his contract. We gave him one chance to make it up to us at Nashville. That being said to him caused an improper reaction of him punching one of our head staff officials. After which, police were called and Waalwer received a 3,450 pound penalty from police officials. This led to his termination."

"It's unfortunate even further as the #53 car has also been terminated from it's 16-race schedule. However, to brighten our topic, Alexa Lake has been elected by race officials to take replace for Waalwer in her #26 car and run the rest of his races. With the approach, she accepted after a bit of thought. Officials elected her after her stunning performance after only one of four potential starts at Texas World, to come home sixth.
What is being done to the #53 car is basically a schedule swap. Also elected, was Wes Maret, the 54 year old who strutted out victoriously in a maiden second place in the Larry Lemon Super Series. He will take place in the #53 car for three more races, yet to be decided. He will also be in the #26 two other times to relieve Lake of the stress of racing, and helping a family out."

"Alexa Lake's implementation as full-time will take place hopefully next race weekend, if not, for Nightvale - Her sponsor, Binco, will remain on car for the next four race weekends she partakes in; as her contract with said sponsor ends then.
At this time, we're uncertain whether Binco, or another sponsor will be aligned for the #26 car in a few short weeks, but that is to be held for further notice.

It's a shame to us that Waalwer had to be terminated, but we're more than glad to have Lake, a proven great driver at the wheel, alongside her, Wes Maret. More information will arrive shortly about further news, stay tuned!" Lapertinum ended."

All was not sad in the paddock, as FARC's side series Larry Lemon Super Series showed MSR and the down-looking race world some promise after Wes Maret, and Eric Herrington qualified well, and would finish well, for the most part.

"Maret claims second as Herrington fails to finish
After a great qualifying for both Herrington and Maret, both qualifying in very strong cars,
lap one proved to be a killer for the two top cars as in lap one of turn one, both Brillon team-mates were collected in a crash. This bolted Maret and Herrington both into the top 3(?).

Shortly after the restart, Maret took the lead as Herrington was close second behind him. Their cars would prove to be two of the three very very fast cars within the race -
the other being the #2 car of Pearson.

The entirety of the race saw these three men swap 1st-3rd over again until a late race caution collected Maret and Herrington would succumb to shifter problems and fall out of the race. Maret would finish second after a one-lap shoot-out with the nose of his car dented and kicked up.

"D*mn. My car was great all day. I made a mishift coming out of the pits and it ruined my transmission. D*mn. So close. Proud of my team mate, however.

The Master Sport boys claimed to officials that they would show them next time. We'll have to see them there!"

Big Bunny Bash @ Albuquerque
After Waalwer's termination, Breggium Antutonnen drove the #53 Strickland Propane CM Nova for one race before the full schedule swap took place. In what is shaping up to be his final drive, the tiny, I6 powered engine of the CM Nova actually promised Antutonnen a decent qualification in 20th place.

However, the small I6 engine would not provide Antutonnen very much in the way of speed and power, and he would quickly fall a lap down after being involved in a minor accident, which put even more strain on the car.

Luckily for Antutonnen, his luck would fare him better as his engine would not die, it would just be slow all race long. He would finish 17th, three places up on his starting position.

Visitable Night Vale 100
Night Vale would be the first race Alexa Lake entered after the driver schedule swap. During practice, it was noted that her car engine felt a tiny bit shaky. Though, Oliver Lapertinum expressed very little concern as Lake set lightning quick practice times, and then Lake would qualify very well come qualification, setting a quick time for the claim of fourth place grid spot.

However, it was very soon during race day that Lake's Nova had some more issues than foresaw, but not enough to be race ending. Alexa Lake would slowly drift back and would eventually fall to seventh.

It almost seemed as if the car was having a referendum act, and started providing some very fast times as laps chipped away, but suddenly, the car started vibrating and rattling rapidly and hard, and the engine of the #26 would let go, less than ten laps in.
Lake would have her worst finish of the year, after what was a promising start, last.

Then, being kidnapped by shady hooded people, [we will not go into that story], Lake vowed to never return to Night Vale.

The second double header event showed great promise from Alexa Lake as she qualified in 11th place. A small bit of light in....recent events..... though originally skeptical with her qualifying run, her happy hour run was eight tenths faster, which would have put her fourth.

Race day showed some more skill and pace from the #26 Binco CM Nova as she would quickly make her way through the field and to third place, where she would end her race at. She was closing in on second and first. She may have gotten there if lapped cars had not played interference.

During travels to Duluth, a minor trucking accident with a civilian car sent Alexa Lake into a frenzy to make to qualifying as soon as possible. She arrived very shortly before race qualification. Quickly, she hurried her car off the trailer and set a very slow lap, and then would spin on the second lap. She named the blame upon the rush of things.

Happy hour yet again showed fast pace and skill as she would be a top ten time finisher there. On race day, starting from, ironically, 26th, her car number, Lake used cautions and fast pit work to her advantage and drastically gained position. She would fight with one car, dispatch it, and then take the caution, or fight a group of cars, dispatch a few, and take a caution.

At the end of the day, Lake would finish in fifth place, and would gain the 'hard charger' bonus. Fun fact: Lake's car blew up right after the checkers was taken.

More updates soon!
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Re: Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

Post by UndyingLight on Thu Oct 19, 2017 2:57 pm

Master Sport Australia and Formula B

Master Sport Australia, the Australian division of the Master Sport group resides in Brisbane, Australia and has a few drivers to look out for in Formula B, that being Jackson Harrows and Lee Merreweather.
Jackson Harrows is twenty five, married with one child and two on the way. He lives just outside of Brisbane and has a good bit of experience out on the track. He is more of a rookie driver, so we will have to see how his season goes. He will drive the #11 Heineken Helsing.

Lee Owen Merreweather, a grizzled road course veteran, with a championship title to his name, and many poles and wins to his name will run the #10 Heineken Helsing car for the Master Sport Australia team. He has a wife and two children.

Master Sport Australia's back up driver is Derrike Chaiter, and with Harrows having two on the way, Chaiter may be utilized at some point in the future this season. He has one child and is not married.

Chinese Grand Prix
To start their bid for the 2017 Formula B season, Lee Owen Merreweather and Jackson Harrows would qualify rather poorly after a rain jacked qualifying led a lot of the field astray. Harrows qualifying 13th, and Merreweather claiming a 19th place qualifying.

During the race, the duo slowly made their way up the ranks as some suffered failures, and other competitors fell to the wayside left and right. At the end of the day, both cars ran superbly and the duo would claim 7th and 9th; with Merreweather gaining 10 positions, and finishing 9th, while Harrows would claim 7th after gaining six positions from his starting spot.

The team would end that race weekend happily with a 7th and 9th championship standings.

Bahrain Grand Prix
The ecstatic duo would arrive to Bahrain and practice a bit before qualifying took place. Merreweather stunned by setting the pace to claim the pole position for Bahrain as the sandstorm neared. His teammate Harrows would claim a better place than the Chinese Grand Prix and make 11th.

The field started as the sandstorm dumped its wrath on the field, immediately, Merreweather, along with several others threw their positions away in turn 1 as grip was lost. Over the radio, Merreweather claimed "I've never driven in a sandstorm - sand was everywhere. Not a drip of grip. That was some crap, there."

Unfortunately, after the lap 1 shenanigans, both the 10 and 11 cars would receive damage and be faltered for the entire remainder of the race. Both drivers would not score points when the race finished. Harrows dropped five places to a 16th place finish, while Merreweather took 11th place.

After the race was over, reporters caught Merreweather as he was out to his hauler. "I do not even begin to understand what maylay and chaos that race was. One of the uttermost atrocious race conditions I've ever raced in! D*mn sand, nothing good about it." he seemed to mutter angrily. Later, reporters caught a much calmer Merreweather. "We are going to strut our capabilities next race." he said as he warmed up some milk and went to his hauler.

Spanish Grand Prix
That they did. Harrows and Merreweather would both have their best [collective] qualifications yet. With Jackson Harrows taking a 2nd place grid spot, and his team mate Merreweather acclimating a 5th place qualification.

After qualifying very well in the Spanish Grande Prix, Harrows and Merreweather would run near the front all day and battling for first many times with several other drivers, the team would come home second and third after Harrows was beaten by a .015 margin.

"I'm fondly proud of me team. Great racing, great racing indeed. 'Tis a shame I could not make this .015 gap. Props to Sean Angel for great racing, and claiming the win over me and my grand teammate." - Jackson Harrows

That being said, Master Sport Australia left with high spirits.

Monaco Grande Prix
Yet another great qualifying run would befall both Master Sport drivers. With Harrows yet again qualifying third, while respectively, Merreweather claimed seventh.

Green lights would flash and the field would set off with Harrows having a rather mediocre start. Merreweather would fly off the start and would be ready to pounce on turn two.

After Harrows raced up front with Merreweather beside him, Merreweather would lose a tyre and have to pit, surrendering his great position to others. However, this did not bring Harrows down. He remained in the top three until Fitzwater was taken out by ludicrously idiotic behaviour from a driver.

"D*mn. I saw that in front of me. What bloody idiot driving! I sure hope Fitzwater is not going to kill that driver."

After this, Harrows would begin to close on the leader. He would hit the pits, and have a miracle of a pit stop, beating the leader out and sailing away to claim his first victory in Formula B. Having a short time to celebrate with his team, and in extremely high hopes, Harrows drove his car to the winner's circle and back flipped out.

After realizing he had won the race, Harrows excitedly greeted reporters with "Holy hell lads! I do not believe my eyes! -- My pit crew are the absolute kings! We had some excellent racing out there, but I am just so stoked to be in this winner's circle. I do have to feel for Fitzwater; taken out by sheer stupidity. I am getting that man a beer!"

"I am ecstatic for my team-mate. Unfortunately that tyre blow-out screwed me race, but I am still in high spirits! I am so proud of my young team-mate, Harrows! Great racing bud!" Merreweather stated in the championship circle with his team-mate present.

The team would leave in high spirits after Harrows would be tied for first with Babic. The team would also make leeway and claim second in constructor standings.

Canadian Grande Prix
Qualifying would be rather mediocre after two weekends of stellar runs and finishes. Harrows and Merreweather would, ironically, qualify eleventh and twelfth; their car numbers.

Showing decent speed, both drivers would make their way to the front and would eventually come home fourth and fifth; another great showing.

Leaving in superb spirits, Harrows would claim first position in the driver's standings after Babic failed to finish; a total of 10 points over Babic. Merreweather would be tied with Sean Angel for sixth - 30 points behind his team-mate.
More celebration came as Master Sport Australia claimed first position in the constructor's standings ahead of FIAM Juniour, 10 points ahead.

British Grand Prix
Lee Merreweather, after having a near accident out of turn four, would set a second lap, with blistering speed. He would qualify second for the race. His team mate, after spinning out of turn two, would set a slower lap and qualify eleventh.

"I be yet again proud of our fantastical team" Merreweather stated in a pre-race press release. "--Our season has started out very very strong. I cannot thank my team. [list of names and other boring stuff] They're making this all happen, and I could not be more thankful. Never in my 15-year career have I had such a fun team as this, Jackson Harrows is an astounding young man with a brilliant shot ahead of him, to kick his career into full gear. I be speechless that my team could be first in points and constructor's standings. Even for the short time I've been here, I can tell this team is very strong-willed and friendly. I cannot wait for the rest of the season - to be out on track, but also have these brilliant men alongside me, and Harrows to race me hard, but to have fun."

"Well spoken, my friend. Along the lines of my team, I've been here for four months and have loved all bits of it. I am fondly excited for this remainder season, with these guys and Merreweather, the utmost respect for the guy, alongside of me racing supreme. -- I am ready to claim a win or more, and even fight hard for the championship. Bring it on, lads!" - Harrows

"Qualifying went splendid. We do not fap about when it comes to racing, mates. We are bringing our all for the race very shortly, watch out for us, lads!" Harrows stated to fans.

"I am so shocked and brilliantly delighted to have won a race, taken the points lead, as well as constructor standings. These Helsing cars are beyond great, and they've far exceeded my first impressions and expectations. I'm ready to race alongside my great friend Merreweather in the fight for the championship. Here we come." he again said to fans.

After qualifying was decent, Merreweather, moreover would fall back as the race lingered on, finish sixth, while Harrows would climb four positions to finish seventh.

Now, there's a wicked three-way tie for constructor's standing, while Harrows is ahead one point in the championship bid.

Finnish Grand Prix
Qualifying would go rather interesting for the Master Sport boys as Harrows would not set a time after wrecking out of qualifying. Merreweather 10th.

After blowing out a tyre, later discovered to be caused by debris off of the 7 car, Harrows, visibly upset punched his wreck of a car and did not speak to officials. A back-up car has been officialized, but Harrows has not had the qualifying he would have wanted. He has a tonne of work ahead of the lad.

Merreweather would have a decent qualifying session, and will start tenth on race day.

Shortly after qualifying, he stated to officials that one more race, including Hungary, have been knocked off his schedule as in to help his wife as she nears birth.
He stated that "I feel as if my calling is to be with her. As much as I have a passion for this here team and championship, I entrust my good bud Derrike Chaiter to take my car and do wonders for the Hungarian and Japanese Grand Prix's soon to come. However, I'm not going to miss Karjala. Special event in mine eyes and I want to win that race badly. I will not miss that one, lads. Championship is still going for me; no worries on me negating my championship bid - no, not happening. I will see you all shortly on track. I've be having a lot of work ahead of me. I be impressing and will do so again."

Derrike Chaiter, an Australian Rookie who has never stepped foot in an F1 car took on the challenge and will show up first at Hungary, and then in Japan, then return the 10 car back to Harrows.

Qualifying would result in interesting grid spots as Jackson Harrows' car would blow a tyre, hit the Dwyer S left wall and break. While it was a relatively slow crash, Harrows would go to a backup car anyways as for fear the 'main' car would break down during the race. Harrows, after failing to set a time, would start the race in 22nd. Merreweather would qualify tenth.

Green flag arose and both Merreweather and Harrows seemed to have a jump, but traffic would block them both in. Throughout the race, Harrows was slowly creeping forward, while Merreweather seemed to creep back.

Then on lap 7, Merreweather and [Jay] Mullens would crash. Merreweather would fall stuck in the sand trap while Mullens would drive off. Visibly upset, Merreweather spoke on radio chatter "Aye, I do feel quite poorly after that. I bloody took out an innocent bystander. Car kicked sideways a bit, Mullens came down, and into the wall we both were sent."

Shortly after making it to the pits, Merreweather, coming out of the pits, his rr tyre would blow out, sending him into the outside retaining wall on L1 shooting the car into a two and a half flip frenz snd laying to rest near tyre barriers. There was some worry, while the safety car was not sent out, but Merreweather was quick on the radio chatter to let his spotter, and race control know he was okay. "Ouch. That hurt, lads. I be okay though. Not a good day at all."

Harrows, after many cars fell left and right to the wayside, would come home seventh after starting 22nd. Harrows would fall to second in points standings, as well as constructor standings. Eight points behind Babic, and twelve points down on KWGP in constructor standings. Merreweather, with his non-points finish, would make his second DNF of the 2017 season. He would fall from eighth in the points to eleventh.

Master Sport Australia destined to return
After such a stellar first half season, it was already foretold that Master Sport Australia would be returning for 2018 in a mandated press release by team owner, Oliver Lapertinum.

"These young men have showed us the ropes we had been looking for for this season and absolutely have stolen the show. We're excited to see them back next year, and they certainly will be. Now, all Harrows has got to do is take the championship in his rookie year."

"Not much superlatively much is known for the stanza for the our team next year, but these Helsing F1 cars are for certain making a return. As a current situation, Heineken is likely to fade away after season's ended. Impressed with our runs so far, but looking for other competition. Harrows and Merreweather will be back, although, not confirmed as of yet. More information will arrive as the season goes on."

Hungarian Grand Prix
Newcomer to the MSA Formula B side of things, Derrike Chaiter, who is not at all used to the track, or the F1 cars, set the eighth fastest lap and will start from P8 in the race shortly. While Harrows is out for two races helping his wife as she nears childbirth, Chaiter has promised to do his best while under little beknownst to this type of racing. We'll have to see how he does.

"I be proud of Harrows, one for letting me take his wheel and try it out for two races, but also, to be bold and go help his lovely wife. I have the privilege of taking his wheel and showing my skill; what little there is. May he rest easy knowing I am doing my best!"

Lee Owen Merreweather would qualify four behind his temporary new team-mate Chaiter and will start from position 12.

Harrows new father of two
Shortly after Finnish GP's end, Lian (Lianne) Harrows gave birth to the Harrows' first and second children. Introduced just a few days ago, Matilda Grace, and Adeline Harper Harrows have now been born.

"Mum is healthy, and my lovely little ladies are beyond comprehension." Harrows, over phone call told officials.

"My wife understands my wants to be here in Hungary, but I've decided to stay out for Hungary and Japan for to help my lovelies. I will show up for Belgium because it holds a special place to me, and I do want to win there, but until then, here I be lads! You shall see me soon." he continued after the announcement.

Master Sport Australia 2018 predictions

Team owner, Oliver Lapertinum would speak in a press release there after. "Derrike Chaiter has been entrusted to race Hungary as well as Japan, as we've stated. However, we have put some thought into next year's 2018 season, and we do believe Merreweather will run full-time, while Harrows splits his ties with Chaiter. While this is all highly subjective to change, this is all we have for now. We will have to see how Chaiter does. His eighth place qualification intrigues us."

Hungarian Grand Prix - continued

With Harrows out of the car, Chaiter took the wheel in effort to score more points for Harrows. Qualifying showed a small bit of promise for Chaiter. With not knowing the track or the type of car, Chaiter did not fare too well come race day. He would finish tenth.

Gaining one point for himself, and also for Harrows, this first race has not done Harrows any good on his championship hopes. Harrows falls to fourth in championship standings, and the team is now down in fourth after once being in first.

"Ah, I feel rather bad for Harrows and his car. I did not do wonders in this machine, and only was able to gain a point for his standings. I will impress him at Japan, however. I want to get as many points for him, so in turn, he may win the championship. Go Harrows!"

After qualifying twelfth, Merreweather would have a decent going and claim sixth at the end of the day. Merreweather moves up to eighth in driver standings. He is a dark horse for the championship. He has a lot of ground to make up if he will try to win the championship.

Belgium Grand Prix
After Jackson Harrow's stellar win at Monaco, both Master Sport boys seem to have lost their game a little bit after several incidents caused by themselves or other drivers in the race Merreweather as well as being impacted by several car fails.

After Jackson Harrows had the series by storm with having himself on top of the points lead, and Merreweather with him in constructor standings points lead, the team seemed to strive to go further and claim more points and inevitably, a championship title. Unfortunately for them, various qualifying efforts, driver fails, or car fails seemed to wittle away at that points lead of Harrows little by little each race until Belgium, where yet another poor run, not as of driver failure, but car failure. Harrows has not gained very many points, and while he remains in fourth, he is certainly forlorn from his several good finishes in the first five races.

With few races left in the season, Harrows needs a miracle to reiterate his stance as Formula B points leader and title hopeful.

Harrows and Merreweather both appeared in a post race press meeting, Harrows began, "I believe our team be very strong, my fellow fans. However, our glimmer and shot for the title has been tarnished by various mechanical issues, and other drivers failing us, or our ourselves failing our team. I am going to try just as hard as ever to regain the points lead with very few races left - If I do not win, so be it, I tried me best. However, I shan't be down if I do not claim a title; I be in line for Formula B 2018 and I am certain I be myself well and will be back next year. "

"Know that I will try my damndest to take the title from here on out to claim that title, or at least, another win. I am already quite proud with our teams showings this year. Far better than I first suspected. Chaps, lads, fans! Here O come!"

Later, Merreweather got his bid for to speak up, "I am whole-heartedly in love with me team here. Mighty impressed with Harrows, and our various members; -lists them off- I will readily partake with this team next season, without any doubt. However, with that said, so much failure from my parts. Much to far in vehicle failures, and me own damn failures. It hurts that I cannot seem to catch a break, help our team, my teammate Harrows, and even run in the ranks for the championship title. Yet instead, I wreck folks left and right, and if not, my car dies on me. Note that any one who I fear I be upsetted, I have tried my best to return to them something stellar. With me being so poor, I want for next season, to bring my A-game. I would love to take a title, and then retire, which was my goal for this year, but I seem to have waivered at my chance for that. See you all next race, and next year!"

Japanese Grand Prix
Japanese Grand Prix qualifying proved to show some decent pace from both drivers in Master Sport Australia - Chaiter in replacement for Harrows.
After suffering a 5 place grid penalty, Merreweather's 14th place qualifying will result in a 19th place grid spot at race start - far forlorn to where Merreweather would have preferred to be placed at.

His amiable temporary team-mate, Chaiter, had a much better feature in qualifying after he originally qualified fourth on the first lap, but eventually fell to fifth, five one-hundreths behind Carlos Zavala.
Luckily for Chaiter, he will start fourth after Zavala received a 10 grid place penalty. Chaiter, who has gained only one point for Harrows while Harrows is out, has deciphered a great set-up for his formula car, in hopes, that he could claim a win thus furthering Harrows' chance for the Formula B title in 2017.

"I underestimated that course a few weeks ago, and ended up tenth, with one point to Harrows' points. Underwhelmed by fans and few, I want to provide a great finish, not only to hoist Harrows back up towards the points lead, but as also to gain a few more fans here on the Formula B side of things. This seems like a great place to further my career, and havin' a fair few fans would help me out lovingly. Harrows has entrusted me with this car for two races, and I really sure do need to help him out. I want to claim the win, and I will."

Bold statements from Chaiter; however, we can only wait and see how he does in his second and final race in replacement for Harrows.

Harrows drowned in love for twins
Harrows, who did show up for Belgium Grand Prix, stated in a post-race press release, "Oh me, lads. I am rightly sure having one child to take care of is hard, but oh me oh my, folks, two is very damn hard. Mind my language, but I've not had much sleep in twenty days. Mind you, my wife and I have certainly had the time of our life, but our new lives have begun with these two tiny ladies in our realm. I do not know how my lovely does this on a twenty-four hour basis, but she is doing me proud."

"I will be able to return for the rest of the season, and I do trust Derrike [Chaiter] will do me proud.

Japanese Grand Prix - continued
It appeared that during qualifying, Merreweather would not be able to go someplace after a grid penalty sent him from 14th qualification, to 19th. His temporary teammate, Chaiter would qualify in fifth place.

Race day would arrive and through the standing start, Chaiter's car was slow, and Merreweather seemed to be lightning quick. The first couple laps as the field spread out,
Chaiter would slowly lose position as Merreweather seemed to be stagnant at where he was. "I am not so sure about me car, lads. She is not providing me much." Chaiter notioned over the radio about the five-lap marker.

His team-mate Merreweather, would be the cause of the first incident on lap 3 as Merreweather would turn [Toms] Leipa into the tyre wall. It would not send Leipa out of the race, but Merreweather's lack of patience got him a 10-second time penalty. As the wreck happened, Merreweather was immediately apologetic, but I guess that did not steer the officials away from his incident.

Merreweather's car would appear to come alive and he would set quick lap times and gain position. Chaiter on the other hand, was still having issues getting his car up to maximum speed. His car was having issues in the final gear and as a result shaved a good 5mph off of Chaiter's max speed sending him soaring backwards and losing position left and right.

A couple laps later, Merreweather would be fighting for position with Carlos Zavala and out of a corner, Merreweather and Zavala would get together and both be sent into the tyre barrier. The stewards wanted to throw out an additional penalty to Merreweather, but it was reigned off as a racing incident as they felt Zavala slid wide and then cut back on Merreweather's front spoiler. Both would be sent into the wall, and Zavala would fall out (I think). Merreweather continued on.

Even though Merreweather had significant damage, particularly on the front and back spoilers, he was still very very fast in his Helsing. During the remainder of the race, even with a damaged car, Merreweather would gain position through sheer fought effort, and by others falling by the wayside. Merreweather would cruise home to a seventh place finish, though with a ten second penalty added to his final position, he would drop down to ninth. A much needed result after having a relatively poor season.

Chaiter, who is still in replacement for Harrows, would finally get his car to work properly after the last round of pitstops, and he would as well be fast, but it was too little too late to catch up to the leaders and Chaiter would finish fifth, his qualifying position.

He would add ten points to Harrow's title hopes.
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Re: Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

Post by UndyingLight on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:51 pm

Alexa Lake quickly shows that she still has skill in racing as she claims two podiums in what would be three top tens.
Alexa Lake, coming into Quincy, what she thought would be attrition filled said "I have had several good finishes this year in my fairly limited starts as well as some....bad ones.
I do want to try my best here at Quincy and stay out of trouble as best I can and bring home a win or a podium if I can."

Her inkling would come true as she would qualify fifth(?) and then immediately start to fight her way to the lead, in which she would lead her first(?) few laps. She would stay out front until the big one struck the paddock.

The third caution of the day would come out when Alexa Lake would be leading pursued by Brandon Chrasta among others. She would brush the wall and then be clipped by the #71 and all hell would break lose collecting twenty or more cars. A lot of which would fall out of the race. Luckily for Lake, she only got minor side damage and could continue to be fast.

She would try and fight with Chuck Johnson, but would end up coming home second with a battered racecar. Still, it could have been worse. Alexa Lake claims her best finish of the season with a second place.

Road America would also prove to be an attrition filled race. Once again, Alexa Lake would qualify well with a seventh place grid spot and would start to make a charge through the field.

Although her race was much cleaner than Quincy, her car was not as fast; Alexa Lake would end up relying on attrition and sheer skill to weasel her way into her second podium in a row finishing third.

Her teammate, Wes Maret, the now 55 year old short track ringer would also finish well in a slow car. He would finish 17th in his third(?) start.

"My car might be slow, but I've had 35 years of experience with short track racing to know how I can handle a car and make her do things you wouldn't expect her to be able to do. Even if I am on the longest road course of this schedule, I kept her cooled and managed to muster up a seventeenth place."

"I want to thank Alexa Lake and co for entrusting me with this machinery. I do feel like I am doing better than certain others were doing in this season in this very same car. Even though it may be slow, I can still pull some decent results as I have done. Thank you much, Alexa."

Alexa Lake coming into IRP stated in a press release "Our silly season has been somewhat finalized and now I am here to finish out this season as strong as I can.
I have come off of two podiums and am looking for my third. Hopefully, the Gods of racing will look down on me with favour and not blow my engine to bits!"

Qualifying tenth, Alexa Lake would have some work ahead of her if she wanted to continue her streak of podiums.

Right off the bat, it was noted that Alexa Lake had an ill-handling car. Manageable,but not ideal. She'd have to work with this machinery to get up into the top ten. Slowly but surely, she steadily made progress through the field and would come home seventh with another great finish to tie out her week.

"I am very pleased with my results these last three weekends. I would not have expected to finish so well, but I am proud to have been able too. I have to thank Binco for sponsoring us as they're still my favourite clothing company today as well as my spirited team and crew. Thank you for a continually great season!"

"I will see you eventually as I have completely forgotten where I am assigned to go you next time, guys!"

2018 FARC Silly Season
Master Sport Motorsports to expand 1 car for FARC's 2018 season
Master Sport Motorsports, that team that you all hated because someone piloting the #53 car with complete and utter retardation is returning for FARC's 2018 season.

Currently, Master Sport Motorsports has had a decent season with their now #26 of Alexa Lake piloting for the rest of the season under her Binco contract which has been extended to 2020. She has so far had some good finishes with several top 5s and top 10s in her short stint. Although she hasn't had the best luck, she's still pushing past the animosity with a full head of steam.

Alexa Lake, the team's co-owner stated in a press release, "I have had a decent season and some very good qualifying records. Couple that with terrible reliability and skill, you get some interesting results. Whether you're in last place after an engine failure at Nightvale, or you're fighting for the win elsewhere, this team and I will simply do our best."

"We have gained traction rapidly after the termination of Waalwer from our team and our replacement being Mr. Maret, we've had far better luck and we are looking to push forward for next season. Henceforth, we will be adding an additional car to our team, raising our number from two, to three, although the details on that third car are not yet finalized."

Like stated before, Alexa Lake will return with her #26 CM Nova in 2018. However, some more information has been collected on the two other cars and that will be discussed later.

Master Sport Motorsports is failing to make any waves in an attempt at a NAAC career
For the fourth race in a row, Katyen Scurrel has failed to qualify in her #23 Cheerwine Nova. Her team owner, Alexa Lake is none too pleased with Scurrel not qualifying, but Lake has not done much of anything even with Lake qualifying for three races in her very limited starts.

Alexa Lake would qualify and capitalize early in the race on several wrecks and was looking at her best finish at Lake Afton, but while running in 12th place, she would lose an engine and fall out of the race. That is the extent of MSM's weekend at Lake Afton.

2019 NAAC Silly Season
Master Sport Motorsports will make a return in 2019
A fair bit has been announced at MSM headquarters on what the team plans to do after the 2018 season.

So far, Master Sport Motorsports' 2018 season has gone miserably as Katyen Scurrel has not made a race yet, and Alexa Lake who is part-time is barely making races and getting points.

The team plans to upgrade to a three-car team. One will be full-time, another will race half the season, and the third car will appear for special events and four others.

"I do believe that we have a shot to go somewhere in NAAC. We haven't had the best season, merely because our Novas lack refinement and are slow, but with a bit more, I could see us being contenders. That's all to matter whether or not we will get that far in a year's time." Alexa Lake stated in a press release.
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Re: Master Sport Motorsports/Team Spencer/M&M Crew etc News/Timelines 2016-X

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